Update: This is now closed. Quite amusingly, I booked a table for a meeting and the next day, incidentally I headed up for coffee and the venue just shut shop. But the waitress booked me for 2 weeks in the future. Shame. I liked this place.

“Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria on Level Two of the QVB provides a unique Italian dining experience in the heart of the city.

Serving up regional dishes every hour of the day, from breakfast, lunch, evening spuntini (snacks) and dinner, Bacco’s menu encapsulate the flavours and style of Italy, bringing them into Australia’s modern culinary scene. The pasta, pastries and bread are all produced on site and the locally sourced produce is organic whenever possible.”   http://www.qvb.com.au/Dining


Located at the top of the Queen Victoria Building, Bacco is quite a nice place to lunch during a sunny day; as the light is coming into the fantastic heritage building and you feel like, well, maybe you’re not in the urban jungle that is Sydney. There is the view up to Westfield Tower (sic), across the expanse of the QVB and around. Quite lovely.
The menu here is Italian  – they do a mean beef salad with balsamic vinegar (I do wish it was consistently presented though; went once and it was a nice steak with the salad perfectly cooked and cubed, but the next time it was slivers of beef shavings – which wasn’t quite as good/appealing to the eye) and their sandwiches are pretty decent. Coffee is excellent.

The waiters are Italian(?) super attentive and makes the dining experience at Bacco very pleasant. Quick to sit you, they drop by to asks how the meal is. Proper hospitality. Table water if requested. I’ve been here quite often and they’ve never been anything less than great.

Come for coffee and a cake;  they a 2-6pm special where you can get a piece of cake and a coffee for $6.50. Pretty great value as the pastries they have in the beautiful glass and marble cabinet are all really good. Its high quality food with a moderate price tag but the venue makes it worth that bit more. Plus the sweets are damn good.
Also a antipasto + 2 wines special for 2 persons for $40 after 6pm.


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