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The immense popularity of Bar Luca Sydney and their burgers, meant that B L burgers wasn’t an ‘if’, but a ‘when’. With powerhouse Chef Sarah Robbin and James Robbin’s in the kitchen, the success of B L burgers is pretty much guaranteed; they know their burgers. Weekly specials feature on the Fatties Burgers Appreciation Society FB page and cause a fervour as burger devotees foam at the mouths and rush in to try the next new taste sensation. PB+J burger? They made it work. And of course any Sydney top burgers lists would be remiss without a few mentions of their out of the ballpark people’s chocie : Blame Canada – a delicious juicy burger that features poutine. Bar Luca’s latest venture then, B L Burgers promises a venue full of their top burgers, surprise twists and a casual eatery with good times vibe.

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B L Burgers Bar Luca Darlinghurst (11)
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Its a long lineal space with kitchen just up the stairs. A colourful mural by Brent Smith adds colour and youthfulness to the space but it is the burger slide that catches our eye. Its cutely functional and the promise of your burger arriving as it slides down is quite the sight.

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B L burger is all ages losing the bar component that makes up Bar Luca and features an array of soft drinks.

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A quick tour of the kitchen and here, we meet Sarah, James and Bobo – the kitchen/stations are highly organised and amidst the franticness of their friends and family launch – it is curiously calm and structured in the kitchen. With buns and conditments laid out and ready for the the patties as they finish resting.

B L Burgers

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‘Rye Hard’, an experiment on seeing what happens when you combine a reuben with a burger. Think taking swiss cheese, pickles and pastrami with one and combining it with B L’s wagyu patty and bun. It works. Yippee Kay Yay Mother Fuckers.

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Eastern Influences: Round 2 sees a Japanese twist on a chicken burger with a thigh fillet fried Karage style. What you’ll get is a juicy and tender chicken burger with plenty of flavour. Topped with pickled vegetables adding acidity and wasabi mayo adding that umami kick,  you’ve got a winner. Chicken Burgers and the rise of the bird makes this a timely addition to their menu.

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B L Burgers Bar Luca Darlinghurst (14)
The BL Waygu burger with bacon, tomato and lettuce (the salad). Its a juicy contemporary modern classic burger. Of note, B L’s bacon is a crispy caramelised version and adds its salty richness the burger. Inhaled.

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Their aforementioned Blame Canada burger with its cult following is an essential Bar Luca order and its no different here. The Blame Canada has their famous wagyu patty, maple glazed bacon, soft pillowy buns, aioli and Canada’s most noteworthy contribution to mainstream society – poutine. There’s mounds of chips, cheese curds and gravy and the burger remains a true delight. Patties are perfectly juicy and medium and sweet bacon actually works really well. That perfect bite.

BL is gonna kill it here. Lip smackingly great burgers and now readily in Darlinghurst. #Sojuicy #BlamedCanada

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B L Burgers
1/151 Oxford Street Darlinghurst
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    I would love to be wrapping my mouth around one of those burgers!! It really was a teasing story, all those luscious close ups!!
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    • TheJugernaut

      There’s now one in bondi, one in the city (bar luca), one in darlo and one in parramatta!