You’ve probably gone by in a bus/car on your commute into the city and have seen the Norman Foster “best building in the world 2014” apartment towers and you might have thought “oh swanky” but what you might not realise is that Central Park is home to heaps of eating joints, both on the Lvl2 foodcourt featuring stalwarts like Din Tai Fung, Sushizilla, Guyman y Gomez and more. Down that escalator on ground not into a basement but however leads you into a food street featuring heaps of restaurants. There’s Ippudo Central Park, Charasho, Autolyse, Ribs and Burgers, Coco Cobano and also Gelatissmo.

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Autolyse is from Canberra – this is their second outfit and the cafe housed in the foodstreet in Central Park is a cavernous large light and airy space. To one side, there’s a bakery section with these large hanging lights that are reminiscent of medical equipment and the shop is an appealing mix of trendy and fresh. It’s smartly appealing and quite busy even on a weekday lunch.

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Its a baker first so there’s a really diverse selection of breads and desserty treats here.

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Lunch. Their menu is baguettes, salads and burgers. Its an appealing menu that also steers the diners towards a healthier eat. Its all incredibly fresh brightly sexy foods.

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This is their chicken Haloumi Salad. $17.90 Pirri Pirri Chicken is paired with Haloumi Cheese, garden salad and lemon dijon vinagrette. Its a fresh clean tasting salad that alongside most of the “savoury” dishes today were well dressed and not overly sauced. Very nice.

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Tuna Nicoise salad $16 is a large and we mean large serve of fresh things on bruschetta and great eating.  There’s a lot here. Kept pecking at this and we were defeated.

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Grilled Milk Bun Burgers with Sous Vide Lamb. $14. The burgers came with cumin and honey roasted Carrots. Fantastic tasting and rather healthy with that quinoa tabouli making this a healthier version of a burger. They opted not to do hot chips and you won’t miss it. Carrot side is tasty.

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Ridiculous ladened Thai Prawn Salad Baguette $15.90. Its had some spice kick and was the singular dish that made everyone at lunch go woah. Business.

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Desserts – We had a few bites; their carrot cake is pretty moist and tasty; strawberry eclair had a light creme filling and delicious with coffee. The orange cake with pistachio and pomergrante is appealing and tasty. The cakes cabinet here is filled with heaps of attractive dessert treats.

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Autolyse is really quite popular with queues out the door. It was like this all arvo with the crowds streaming in. Not surprised when the food’s this generous; great value and frankly really delicious. Excellent priceing means everything is awesome. There’s heaps to like here and all sorts of cuisines at the Central Park Foodstreet.


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