Located at 156 Clarence Street. Atelier de Velo is a bike shop first and foremost with a hidden little coffee place in it. Roughly it translates to workshop/studio of Bikes, the shop is littered with plenty of amazing and rather expensive bikes. Drop in and have a look. Its really is impressive. High ceilings, generous display of high quality bikes – with price tags to match.

The coffee shop side of things sells coffees made from mecca coffees; and various light bites. They don’t do lunches/sandwiches or cakes but have a rather simple selection. Banana Bread, Toast, Muesli. I think the answer to my “do you have a lunch menu” question was “we’re more of a breakfast sort of place?”

Yup, the wall even says “BREAKFAST”. Shame because I’d happily grabbed a sandwich/soup here. It was intimate and inviting.


That said, the cafe area had rather charming furniture, nice lamps were used to fit out the space and this would make a rather excellent work meeting coffee space. Its also open to a light well that is clustered in by the surrounding buildings so its technically an outdoor cafe? Nice vibe anyhow.


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