update2. I went to Arcadia to do a proper lookat with camera yesterday and shortly after – that evening, the place/shed went up in smokes. went back a week later. The front area is packed and the place is still open but the shed area is boarded up. Happy Days.



Located at 7 Cope Street REDFERN, Arcadia sits just hidden behind the spiky street sculpture; so if you’re wondering where it is; look for glass + old timber panels over the entry. Arcadia is one of 2 small bars located along Regent Street – 60meters apart and the decor and feel in Arcadia is speakeasyish, with antiquated furnishings and a rather lovely back area (with lots of plants + a fake green wall).. and a shed like yard for the smokers and guys who want some sunshine. Yes, this small bar is open middays on the weekends.


Arcadia is more wine bar than cocktail bar; they have an extensive wine list and beers, and you can see in the above image the mulled wine maker.They also do several cocktails. I had a few, and they were good. The mixologist/crew working here are very friendly so this is a great place to grab a drink.

You can also order food into Arcadia; and nothing beats having great drinks and eating some roast pork/duck dish from the chinese place across the road. NOW. that’s a symbiotic relationship. Well worth a look. Come.


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