Located under Lumiere (That KFC building) is Aqua S. So what is Aqua S? Its soft serve and its about $7 and what you’ll get is a reasonable sized softserve for $7 that’s about the same size as Chanoma’s sub $4 matcha one (which we prefer) and oh, we guess it looks cute on instagram (Well, the fairfloss one does).

There’s something odd about the shop layout meaning the queue for pickup and purchase divides the seating space which is halved so its on both sides. The fitout is a mix of chinatown chintz and cheap looking bathroom tiles which they’ve jazzed up by “randomness”

Aqua S (1)
Its quite popular.

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We were particularly amused by the tiny plastic cups and clingwrapped bits explaining the soft serves available.

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yes, if you opted for an extra topping, that sprinkingly of pop rocks is $1.

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Aqua S (3)
yes, if you opted for an extra topping, that 1/4 piece of marshmellow is $1.

A selection of their eats – and no we opted not to wait 30 minutes for a bit of fairyfloss so we can instagram their softserve. Taste test: dark chocolate cone didn’t have a real chocolate taste and the softserve itself was decent although going with biscotti and sea salt, the lingering impression was this is a saltish and quite sweet softserve and that was kind of it. It did not wow and the popping candy didn’t seem to do anything. What’s been driving business has been instagrammyness and the fact that, yup, its blue.

For the price point and the skimp bits of “toppings” they give you; a cone with 2 toppings is $6.80; a cone with 1 topping is $ 5.80 (so for 1/4 piece of marshmellow and a tiny packet of “popping candy” you’re paying $1 each) Messina’s Topping is $0.80. We would quite happily pay $3 bucks more and get a bigger, much more luxe and generous dessert; One with way more bits of yummy toppings on them and also fantastically great value (still under $10) version at Gelato Messina’s Dessert Bar. It should be noted that the Messina cup versions of their softserve is big enough for 2 too and that their cones (there’s normal ones and the raspberry ones) are filled with some sort of jam/sweets at the bottom of the cone as well. So its a bit more fun, developed and overall awesome treats.

That said. $7 is cheap and Aqua S is still decent. Go crazy.

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