The doors shut and the glass got newspapered and suddenly Jesterseeds was no more. Jugs wondered what would happen in its stead and then the signage went up as did the red paint. I figured it was vietnamese-y with the colouring and the name so no surprised when the wrappings came off and you have Vui Va Say – described on their FB page as “wicked cocktails, tasty fusion Vietnamese food”. We dropped in during lunch. The liquor license isn’t quite ready (they do expect it in 2 weeks). One thing to note about VVS and its signature graffiti style manga artwork, its quite newtown making it the third venue with such artwork displayed: Bean round town, VVS and Sixth Boroughs.


10% off promo, loads of seating, awesome food promised. Most lunch specials were $12 with a drink (juice/softdrink or coconut water). $12×0.9 = $10.80 with the 10% promo currently on.

vui_4A look at the bar, lions head, more redvui_5The inside chaos has been replace with red paint and asian styled benches + cutleryvui_6

Not sure if Jesters ever opened upstairs, they don’t seem to have – I’ve been and I don’t think they ever did. Well, you can head upstairs at Vui Va Say which makes this a rather big venue. There’s space galore.vui_7Keep Calm and Vui Va Say. I really should have asked them what it meant.vui_11

A look at the food.


Ate this. Good sized serve, nicely cooked and good eating


Good flavours with the use of thai basil as a aromat.


Josh’s braised pork belly. In his words, best thing he ever ate. He talked about heading back here after.


The Vui Va Say guys were friendly, service was great and they’re young and raring to go too. Alcohol license pending so its currently BYO. Good selection of booze on the shelves as is.

Vui Va Say looks great, and it is a rather cavernous venue with the upstairs room open. The change from Jesters and its destroyed Glam could not be more obvious with the colour red being dominant. While we were dining at VVS, they’ve obviously integrate their audio setup and had pumping cafe-del-maresque tunes playing at a good volume. We were informed that they had a soft opening – it now officially 1 week (today is day 7) and they hope to officially launch soon. Lots of curious newtowners have been popping in to check them out and you should too.

I’ll be back when the liquour is flowing!
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