What used to be Emma’s on Liberty has gotten a bit of a rejig and what used to be more restaurant is now a more casual Lebanese eatery dishing up jolly good “snacks” – kebabs, homous and more substantial mains. While we were there, locals popped by to the little window on the side, ordered their meals and darted off with their dinner. Its a successful transformation and the food’s pretty delicious with punchy flavours and delicious eats. We loved this.

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On Liberty Street, the simple red/white logo is evident and the venue has a fairly simple appealing aesthetic.

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Inside, the ordering station is clearly denoted with the arrow there. Water is available – and there clipboards with menus to the side.

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Inside the snack bar is one long communal table and various configuration of seating around. Emma’s sits about 60 (approx) and it gets buzzy later.

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We order a plethora of eats and the table starts of simply enough. There’s tabouli, homous, lebanese bread ($3/pp), fries with a curried gravy and a kebab there. There also serve up vino and beers.

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Tabouli is fresh and flavoursome and not overtly diced. The two shades of Homous – one is standard and one is a pumpkin version. Both Rather delicious with the bread. Curried Gravy Fries which we picked as it sounded different – the fries came with a lightly curried gravy.

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The Moorish Chicken $18 – is spiced, toasted (chicken is seasoned well, tender and nicely toasted in Lebanese bread). Very delicious and a fought over eat.

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A $10 Fish Kebab. Delicious, fresh, good.

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$12, their organic lamb and egg kebab is delicious.

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Haloumi was nice. It was well cooked and not overtly salty – we went to Zeus the week before and these were substantially better.

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Charred Cauliflower is a highlight. Nicely roasted and delicious. Wish we had a bigger bowl of this. Its great.

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Lamb Kofta’s. Smokey from the grill. Great tangy sauce on top. A great version of Lebanese Kofta’ and a go to. Very good.

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A trio of desserts – a baklava with pistachio cream, Halva with Ice cream and a turkish delight. These were lovely and a neat way to cap off dinner.
Emma’s Snack Bar is kinda great. Its a nice revamp dishing up affordable eats which we’ve seen working for a lot of other venue as the food scene here had a renaissance towards cheaps eats with the rise of $10 burgers. 2014 is the year of BBQ, baos and Gyros. We’re loving the fact that its located in the Inner West and the food is tasty. One of the observation made about Emma’s by diners tonight was how much everyone liked the food. Service was expedient and friendly and we can’t to head back in for more of the food here. Over dinner, the venue got progressive busy, packing out around 7pm. Emma’s got her groove back
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  1. Gaby

    Here’s for good cheap eats! Never tried the old Emma’s but I’ve been reading so many good reviews about the new incarnation that I might have to give it a go.