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If you’re having a jaunt down Enmore road during the evening, you’d probably notice this curious sight of a 50s pink and throwback sort of diner. It’s Doughbox diner and they do some diner styled sweet treats. Famous for their crepe cones (they’re not what you’re really used to – its not a soft french styled crepe) – its crispy, filled with a selection of goodeats and you eat it with your hands.
[Update 08/02/16] – Doughbox has iterated since we last visited and has now introduced burgers to their menu and the venue itself has changed substantial with plenty of booth seats (reserved for 6+ more and we’re back to check out the eats.

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A chocolate thick shake – $8. Richly chocolatey and delicious.

doughbox diner enmore (3) doughbox diner enmore (4)

Their Fatboy burger $18. Double Patty, Bacon, Cheese galore with a side of flavoured fries. Its a lush cheesy burger that screams americana and its juicy as.


Its Crepe Cones you guys. What’s a crepe cone? Its Doughbox’s signature dish – you probably never really had it like this before.


Just a great looking shop – like you’ve stepped back in time. Its a carefully crafted look.

Its all quite stylistic from the black and white chequers to the menu board. The staff are dressed in pink good time gal 50’s outfits and look quite stylish.  Their menu: Most crepes are $10-12ish with options to add toppings.  There’s also a huge selection of flavours to choose from.


gumball machine. when was the last time you had one.


Waffles and icecreams also on the menu. At the time we visited, this was how doughbox looked at the end, you can get scoops of icecream – you still can but they’ve since installed some funky looking booths which offers a lot more seating.



Hala’s Haloumi Bite Crepe Cone . And that’s how you eat a crepe cone. Both hands. Haloumi Cheese, fresh Tomatoes, spanish onions, oregano & cheese. The crepe cones are crispy but then you get to a soft pillowy bit where it is more crepe like in there and its just a great textural bit.


Inferno Crepe Cone, Pepperoni, cabanossi, sujuk, mushrooms, jalapenos, garlic, chilli flakes, cheese. Quite enjoyed this – you gotta love a spicy spicy dish. Missing? Hotsauce. Really hotsauce :)


Greek Lovers Savoury Crepe Cone. Pepperoni, fresh tomato, spanish onion, feta, olives and cheese



Sweet Crepe – this was the Malt in your mouth with Maltesers, white chocolate, strawberries and nutella. I asked for their best sweet crepe and this didn’t disappoint.


Our sundae. This was the jailhouse rock and I’m not sharing. Happiness in a cup.


Cookie Madness waffles. Its got oreos you guys.


Banana Karma Waffles. Probably their best waffle if you like bananas. We love them and could eat this all night. Its almost breakfasty.

Vanity Fair waffles. Its desirable americana and yummy.

Fiona and George who run doughbox diner. Friendly awesome guys and their wait staff are also super nice. Service!


NEW AT DOUGHBOX. A look at the doughbox booths. If you scroll up and look over the pics, this is the latest tweak Fiona and George did to Doughbox, adding these 50’s booth – the icecream case is gone as were the retro chairs and seats but having ample seating here is great. There was a bit of a queue happening when we first went. Craziest thing about the above pic? Its near 11pm on a tuesday night and doughbox had loads of people in it. People love it!

Doughbox is very innerwest and a gem of a venue. It has that feeling of being displaced in time – back to the future “in the present” with great eating eats; its a crafted experiential eat here  – we ate a bit of the menu here, their classic crepe cones (savoury), sweets and its all really scrumptious in that “oh wow, you’re 10 again” sort of way. We’re suckers for waffles here  at jugernauts and doughbox does really good ones – they’re crispy, not too eggy and work well with the icecream. Best thing about this place? Savoury and sweets – you can just have dinner here even though it does not look it. If you drop in, check in on facebook, they also give you a free water.

Doughbox diner is cool you guys. Crepe cones are great!

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      haha. I have a sweet tooth. :) you should check this out helen. Say hi to fiona+george.