We’ve been to Daniel San twice. Once for their mad cap Halloween party (we’d seen the fitout online and the open halloween party seemed like it’d be fun and it was) and the second visit was for an Sushi Masterclass. Daniel San is a funky, energetic venue that rocked its rockabilly sensibilities and comboed it with this kinectic Japanese joint by the beach.

Daniel San Manly (30)
Chow down Bar and beach side dojo. You don’t say.

Daniel San Manly (12)
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Daniel San Manly (21)
We hadn’t really seen Daniel San properly – venue was packed during Halloween and they had dressed up the venue to suit the occasion. What you get is this rather large venue with heaps of seating – alfresco, standalones and booths too. There’s something to the fitout which is disarmingly cool. We don’t mind this. It’s got a great feel.

Daniel San Manly (25)
A look at the Daniel San Menu.

Sushi Master Class @ Daniel San.

Upstairs on level 2 @ Daniel San is a private room called the dojo and here, Daniel San conducts these Sushi Masterclasses and today, Chef Benjamin Orpwood @benjaminorpwood (ex toko surryhills) is conducting the sushi masterclass and guiding us through a sashimi, the difference between sushi, sashimi – nigiri and more. It’s surprisingly educational and we loved this.

Daniel San Manly (8)
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Ben breaks down the snapper, extolling the merits of a sharp knife and an oversized chopping block. He removes both fillets, and then by pulling the skin on the snapper, the resistance against the sharp knife edge cleanly removes it with no damage to the fillet.

Daniel San Manly (28)
Benjamin putting together the snapper sashimi – there a ponzu granita on there and a special dressing consisting of soy, truffle in their house dressing. Its a right treat this sashimi. Not 15 minutes age, it was a whole fish.

Daniel San Manly (32)
Nigiri x 03. Salmon, Kingfish and Tuna. We learn today that sushi chefs don’t make sashimi (vice versa).

Daniel San Manly (3)
Daniel San Manly (23)
Amazing tuna, kingfish and tasmanian king salmon. Can’t emphaise just how wonderful these were.

Daniel San Manly (26)
Making sushi roll.

Daniel San Manly (6)
Making an inside out sushi rollĀ  – sushi rice, flying fish roe, flip, crab and avocado and you then roll it up and there you go, an inside out roll.

Daniel San Manly (18)
The end result of the inside out roll.

Daniel San Manly (4)
Benjamin’s handrolls look pretty great. The snow crab was incredible in it.

Daniel San Manly (29)
Here’s a delicious bowl of noodles from Daniel San they made for one of the sushi class attendees who can’t eat sushi. Go figure. :)

The Sushi Masterclass at Daniel San Manly was actually a good food month event that’s now become a thing they do regularly as it was surprisingly popular. Ben’s easy going nature and the classe’s instructive nature made the whole sushi making thing seem easier than you’d think. There’s something to be said about getting amazing quality seafood though and Daniel San has that. Also, Nigiri’s not anywhere on the menu but you can enquire at they’d make them for you. You won’t see it but Daniel San actually has 2 Japanese chefs inhouse. One sushi, one Sashimi.

Halloween Gallery for Daniel San Manly – Halloween’s about dressups and these party time people were best in show and put on a good show.
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Daniel San is a really funtime out at Manly with a lively fun crowd. These people knew how to party. Good times. We’re quite fond of our time at Daniel San and really do wish it were closer. The venue has that something – a fun good time vibe and the food’s pretty great as well.


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