Located in Regent Place under the Lumiere Apartment just a corner around from Chef’s Gallery+KFC is azuma’s Patisserie. The shop is an unassuming affair; fairly generic but it is however one of the few retail chain to carry Pat + Stick homemade icecreams. The shop has a simple very japanese flair. In Lumiere, with such a simple looking menu, and still in business, they’re doing something right.

Menu+Selection at a glance. She’s making my coffee :) Cake Set $8.90


Variety of chiffons and range of japanese styled desserts. Actually the desserts struck me as french but as styled and made by a japanese patiesserie. Like one of the shops in an anime.


Milleu Filleu. Had this with my coffee and the puff pastry was perfectly crispy despite being sandwiched behind layers of cream. Not overly sweet which is nice and the fruit in it was fresh. About $6.50


Pat and Stick Icecream! Movenpick tubs.


PAT+STICK strawberry and chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich. These are handmade 9cmish 2.5 inch hunks of hame made icecream sandwiched between 2 pieces of cookie. Good.


http://501george.com.au/directory-detail.php?directoryid=7 (Azuma)

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