Manchester Press was a recommended brunch venue. Housed in a laneway – we looked up and guys had their feet over the ledges near the front and if you look carefully, there’s that disco ball there. Sydney? Council probably would have fined them and the disco ball wrecked. It’s also housed in an ex paper press (called… manchester press printers) and they do some delicious delicious bagels.


The laneway it is housed in is suitably grunged up with some graff styled spray art and a bit of a portrait of a guy with popped collars and skinny jeans.


Its packed, as it was when we got there. The venue was like this the entire time we visited.


Some sort of industrial robotman with a dog and industrial sized lights inside. The cafe is one elongated space just there. There isn’t much here very simply done but effective.


Coffee was nice.


Coffee 2.


Their salmon open faced bagel was nice with capers, a nice salad. A good serve, generous mounds of fish and heaps good.


Pulled pork bagel was nice. Moist with loads of filling also quite good. We like that the salad wasn’t just rocket from a bag slapped on a plate.


When we walked in the next table had this and this was the pick. Fresh strawberries, a berry mascarpone mix (there’s blueberries in there) on toasted bagel looked like magic (its bigger than you think) and absolutely amazing to eat. Very pretty too with fellow diners expressing fomo/jealousy.

So yes, gotta be candid, we hit Sydney’s bagel eatery in Surry Hills after Manchester Press (and expected a good eat) and that venue just paled by comparison. Service at MP was friendly, breezey and prompt – with great coffees and some good eats. The serves were also generous and ample with “stuff” slopped on a sliced bagel and still managing to look delectable. Manchester press was excellent from start to finish and the queues are here for a reason. Should also add that price was also reasonable so this is one to hit. So good.

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