Wandered into the good old carriageworks to scope of ryoki Ikeda’s installation (amazing) and spotted this. Various cafes/eateries have resided in this space and this time round, its corner stone. Its a fancy looking bar/eatery and the aesthetics is 100% in keeping with the industrial tone of the carriageworks. Can’t wait to drop in properly and have grab drinks and a bite.


A look at the pipe lights. The look is very much in keeping with industrial restoration of the carriageworks


order here.


Pretty sure that’s a pool table that they’ve covered up.



down away from the counter, there’s leather couches and amply seating




Young Henrys (newtown’s own beer) and a variety of other beers. Price is about right. Daily specials also seem to be reasonable. Arancini sounds good!


CornerStore looks good. But oh dear at the comments on urbanspoon. Terrible + Disinterested service? We’ll see. Bit of a stickler for friendly service in the food and hospitality industry.

Cornerstone Bar & Food on Urbanspoon

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