Brickfields is one of the Carmody+Smith designed venues and located in no mans land on the chippendale side of things; so you kind of have to go look for it if you want to grab a bite here. Wandering through the burbs, we landed here and its a smartly finished stylish and great looking cafe with some quirks.


The main space here is about 4.5-5 metres tall and it looks nice.


Venue on the inside has counter seating and triangulated tiles. The space is tall and they diminished its scale with the low lights and green. Its a nice airy spot and not too sunny


Nice looking cabinet display here.


The little touch on the table is nice, the triangles on the table draw from the tiled detail inside.


Quirk. They have no large cups so you get this. No nice looking photo of coffee for you! Don’t let @ Black Star Pastries staff see you with these seated outside as they have a great zero waste policy. All these cups, are going in the landfill. Boo.

Also of note the 2 strong coffees, between orders the pricing on them were different. Same coffee.


Here’s a coffee in a cup. Its a Mecca.


Chorizo, lime, avoacado on toast. Its a nice eat and there’s plenty to eat.


Plate 2. We sort of ordered at the same time and this went AWOL and we had to remind them that we’re missing a dish. from the time we ordered, 30+ minutes later it arrived


Persian Love Cake. Lovely dense yet moist cake which went well with coffee.


Mango coconut cake was quite nice. I think this would complement Chris The / Black Star Pastry’s Watermelon cake quite nicely. They have a complimentary quality with the fruit and interesting flavour. There’s also hints of lime in there. This was delicious.

A couple of observations about Brickfields

1. No eftpos?

2. Breakfast order went MIA and had to be remedied by asking – only did after people who came after all got their their food. (30 minutes wait – all up. But that’s what happens when you do the order in your head and don’t seem to have a system)

3. No large cups = use the takeaway cups = waste

4. no ordering system – guy did the numbers for the order in his head and overcharged by a dollar. Not much money we know but hmm? This place isn’t that new and teething – no receipt either.


That said, we really liked eating and our time at Brickfields and the food, coffee were both great. Prices were also reasonable and you get nice eats. Brickfields is also a bakery and you can get loaves of bread here although we didn’t. Its a tad offsidebut don’t let the location put you off. Well worth checking out and if you’re ever in the area on the saturday, its not far from the carriageworks markets so its a nice jaunt.

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