Chris The’s Black Star Pastry located in Newtown is a #jugfav and a local hotspot in the suburb of Newtown. Renowned for their Watermelon Cake, the very tiny BSP1 in Newtown pretty much has a constant queue all day and that cake sells out most days by about 3-4pm. So, with this level of success its surprising it took Chris this long to open BSP2 but here it is. Its a warehouse joint located in Rosebery. You’re gonna need a car to get here. Designed by Smith and Carmody (them of Excelsior Jones, Cornersmith and Brickfields), BSP2 is a spacious food+sweets lover haven.


We dropped in at 1.30pm and the Hot Food’s gone. Wished we had gotten some of their amazing pies.


Menu and rather extensive pastry counter. Most pics don’t quite convey theĀ  “look of the counter” but its copper clad. A glance at what’s on the menu. Breads, Coffee, Drinks, Pies, Quiche, Sandwiches, Specials.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-12The BSP menu/closeup. There’s new things there so its a real shame the hot food was sold out.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-06A look at the large counter and space. The floor is polished concrete and the space is delineated through the use of mesh that they’re put growies on.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-03The new venue is a large warehouse with exposed services, suspended lighting and copper clad chairs. Copper is used extensively here.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-07Bread counter (woodfired mostly gone). The look of the counters is very electric coily. Its a smart looking space.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-08There’s ample seating here. Something the larger space here affords BSP.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-09Is the Zen Garden cake no longer GF? I thought it was but all these cakes are delicious regardless.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-01Coffees, a citrus donuty eat (really nice) and their signature cake.

Blackstarpastry---rosebery-10Its still awesome. Dining Companion never had it (go figure) and was suitably wowed.
Black Star Pastry Rosebery will introduce Black Star Pastry to a lot of new soon to be fans in its new location. Its shiny, new and you won’t be eyeing a seat like a hawk – and people who frequent Newtown will know its a destination eat with people travelling across Sydney to eat there. Space and the abundance of it (seats and eats), easy enough parking is BSP2’s calling card. Its all lovely and filled with natural light. And of course, those woodfired artisanal breads. Visit at

U 1c/ 85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery NSW 2018

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