What can you say about dining in the USA. Well, the tipping is odd and took some getting used to. I’ve read up on how much to tip but when the snooty server at JUNIORS (think, chainstore burgers ala planet hollywood) came storming back to us because we gave a 10% tip and demanded more, It wasn’t… great. Especially when the food was gross and greasy and we didn’t eat 65% of it. That said, it was easy to tip at the good places we ate at.

Highlights. Had my first ever perogi. Wolfed it down. Momofukus SSAM bar + everything that I ate was amazing. Learnt to appreciate starbucks for its free wifi, decent toilets and dominance in the city. Everywhere? Hell yes. A starbucks!!! Went to Moby’s Teeny and had a vegan burger. I didn’t barf. The organic drink I had was nice. Harlem + ruth’s fried chicken + waffles was an experience and not even the “fear” of my fellow travellers re: the area ruined my joy. Getting a popicle from the POP cart at the highline and eating that while the sun sat. A proper thick motherfk of a rueben sandwich that has 2 inches of filling.
DEAN AND DELUCA. Should have bought that carrier bag

Walking til I had a feet blister and hurting in milwaukee and chicago. :)


Nothing I don’t love about NYC.