This started life as a “I’n looking for cronuts quest” but I could not get any so while I was at it, I might as well do a writeup up for Australia’s most famous patisserie chef. Adriano is famous. For good reason. The product is quirky, high quality and really amazing. It really is, excellent world beating patisseries. You get every ounce of quality for the money you pay. There is always something good to eat here.


Balmain Store. Nicely presented. Nice finish and good fitout. Its got a rustic wall, nice display cabinet – not too long of a line today and a good array of eats. Ducked in looking for cronuts/zonuts, which they didn’t carry here. Wrong Store so we ducked out and cabbed it to … THE LAB.


The Lab: Rozelle shop busy. Late arvo around 3pm. Cronut hunting. Sold out.  There’s some nice art on the walls, and you can get coffees/teas and there’s limited seating here (but there is) so you can choose to dine it. Its a lovely shop.


The Terry St Rozelle bakery. Ice Cream $15. This shop/The Lab is the one featured on his tv show. You can watch the team make these edible delights while you eat.


Meringue topped lemon tart. This was super delicious. Nice lemon kick and very light. M+T were like ooo.


Passionfruit. Yeah. Great. pretty colours and notice how they seemingly placed the seeds where they did? Its crafted with precision. Tasted amazing. I’ve looked at some prior examples of this and they’ve really upped their game in the crafting of the passionfruit tart. Its just gorgeous looking now. Some talented pastry chefs in the house.


Decorated Fondant. The cake base is smooth, soft and delicious. Nice meringue and a delicious macaron on top.

Very pleasant people in the venue and excellent eats. Coffee was also good.


The Zumbo store at the Star. Cronut hunting but they had sold out. Store is interestingly fitted out but I actually prefer the balmain store’s grunge. This was really cool though.



The presentation is kinda willywonka-esque.


Baked goods of all sorts.


I need to try this.




Dessert on display



Box of 6. The Zumbarons are $2.50 each. Good price for patisserie excellence.


This is a diferent box from the one I got at the Rozelle shop. From the star. Salted Caramel, blackcurrent, coconut cherry, fingerbun, almond pear, danish pecan. I brought this for some mates and they all went, oh wow. Guys don’t normally go out of their way to buy pastries. Impressed all round.


Bake some stuff. I wonder how it’d turn out if you DIY these things. Macaron’s are apparently hard to make. Still, he’s now got macaron/cakemix and brownies. All beautifully presented.

Zumbo’s patisseries across the board is excellent. Everything is good and there’s a lot of pleasure to be had eating these. The Star location makes it quite easy to get to so that’s just trouble ;)  Now about that cronut/zonut.

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  1. TheJugernaut

    there are 2 places I know that sell them but I want to try zumbo’s first. so I’ll keep trying til I do