Welcome to the holiday giftguide from Jugernauts + Co. – we’ve curated a list of gifts for all budgets for your foodies friends and fam bam. Gifts for the bedroom (You already will see what we mean, its first up), to a fancy tee, some tipple and gadgets. Happy Holidays. Someone gift us that bedding.

There’s some rather incredible about this hamburger bedding from Emotional Rainbow. With Burgers being the biggest foodtrend? Why eat it when you can sleep in it. 60 Euros Link

Something incredibly cheesy and great about these “Royale with Cheese” and the great boxes (mini pizza/pide boxes) they sit in makes this a great gift for your Quentin Tarantino/Burger loving fave. He’s such an artist that, there’s no bigcartel. Enquries here. or send him a message on instagram @misteredwards

love tacos
We’ve always really loved the stuff from buymebrunch – They’ve got some cool infograpicy type teeshirt and this “Holysh*t I love tacos” one is pretty great. $28USD. Link

Dave’s got a big black bus and he’s doing tours of breweries – with a couple of tours on option from a 3×3 option (3 breweries in 3 hours), an innerwest ‘Hipster and Hops’ one, a ‘North Exposure’ North Beaches tour – This is one for your fellow beer buds. Check it out here

One for the tea fiends. With Summer on the way, its gonna be hard to drink your tea hot. Tea forte looks impressive with its tower form and you can just pour the steeped tea into the jug below to cool it down. $70. Find it here To go with your Teaforte, we suggest innerwest’s @Ttotaltertea. Link

A month of so back, we checked out the ProQaus – and this bullet styled BBQ cooks up some good beef and we loved it. $399 at bunnings. This will make the meat lovers in the family happy – that said, you can also grill some watermelon and veg with this 3 in one. More info here. Our PROQ writeup and impressions here.

ManLaw’s Reversible BBQ Griddle is just that. Its flat on the one side (pancakes, eggs) but flip it over and you have a griddle for you beefy/meat needs. $79 www.manlaw-bqq.com.au.

Weapons of Mastication
DuckSalad’s really funny “Weapons of Mastication” teatowel will have your nan grinning. Get them here

We spotted Amanda’s drawing she did of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec on instagram and loved it. She plonked it on society 6. Art Prints or Canvas Prints available here. Bacon and Egg. BAE. Get it for your Parks and Recreation looking Baes.

There’s chocolate and then there’s this huge impressive hunk of chocolate shaped like a pizza that you can imagine yourself (I mean your giftee) enjoying while slumped on the couch catching up on the blurays. Perfection Chocolate out at Rosebay makes these babies. $16 Link

Mr Black
MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur is made in a shed and its this fantastic cold drip coffee liqueur. Its black gold literally and makes for a killer espresso maritini. The one we had at the Isos Vodka Launch was one of the best we’ve had. While you’re at it score some Isos Organic Vodka. Both Australian. Dan Murphy’s or a good bottlo is your best bet.

The Big Spender. LOUIS XIII cognac that is the ultimate in luxury, aged up to 100 years and comes in a striking crystal decanter handcrafted by the House of Baccarat. Available online at WWW.LOUIS-XIII.COM for very cool $3,390


And yes, don’t let them tell you “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie. Yippeekayeahh. Bad Santa’s also so bad its great.

In the words of our good mate @pwafork (twitter) Happy Chrisgivukkah!

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  1. Shez

    That tea towel would be perfect in a frame for my kitchen. Love the royale tee as well.