Picture: Bob Barker

Wine wankers, don’t you just hate them! Whilst novices run away, the wanker will lord over you at a dinner party, spewing out phrases like; complexity, malolactic fermentation, astringency, terroir, corked, oxidised and tannin structure!

These ‘wine show offs’ are no better than you or I, they merely know a few select wine terms. So if you want to be handed the right ammunition and up your game for your next dinner party battle, This masterclass with Drew Lambert is for you –  There is some irony here, the masterclass is run by Australia’s top wine bloggers, The Wine Wankers! Drew Lambert will teach you how to taste and describe wine like a pro, drinking through six of Australia’s top wine regions, and wines that have made them famous.

Learn more about VinoParadiso on their page.

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Two double passes to be won for the Wine Wankers masterclass the 6th of November on 3:00pm – 3:45pm

To win the double pass: email us at hello @ and  subject: WinaWinewank  and tell us your best/worst winewanker story. Best entries win.