One of the newest Craft Brewery sits in St Peters (Couple of doors down from a crossfitter and Sample Coffee Pro). Willie the Boatman takes its name after William Sparks the scottish convict; who spent the 1800’s rowing around the cooks river. Brewers Nick Newey and Pat McInerney have taken their passion from their homebrew start to a full scale craft brewery and from Thursdays to Saturdays, you’ll be able to pop in and check out their range of craftbeers. We’ve spotted willie’s beer on tap at Keg and Brew and around town.

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (16)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (15)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (13)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (7)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (6)

A look across the venue. We were informed that the only major works that was done to the space was the implementation of the tasting bar just there. Willie sits in a large warehouse space – with white painted corrugated walls and worn timber flooring. We dig the large scale volume of the space and large windows ensures that brewery feels light and breezy as were the variety of places to plonk your entourage down and while the day away. There’s the front room, the long bar, the cluster zone near the tasting bar. Wander down the stairs and in the “garage” spot, you’ll find a bit of astroturf and a bit of a hideaway spot there also.

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (8)

Pat McInerney setting up our paddle.

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (5)

First brewery to provide beer snacks? We can’t fault these asian styled prawn crackers with our beers.

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (9)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (17)

The first amber beer is an Old Salty – a 4% Gose (a germany malted wheat beer) that is a salty lemony drink. To balance the brininess, you’ll get a cube of marshmallow and it’s a pairing of salt and sweetness that makes the Old Salty Gose a treat.

Our paddle contains a range of their other beers on tap. The Foo Brew (Golden Ale 4%), Todd’s Trailer Ale (Pale Ale 4%) Their Crazy Ivan (Englsih IPA 6%) and their Black Bunny (Old Style Ale 4%). Coming in at $15, this was a great way to get into Willie the Boatman’s beers. We’re fond of the Black Bunny – stout like but lighter and easy to drink.

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (1)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (11)

No visit to the brewery is complete without cellar door takeaways; we opted for the Todd’s Trailer Ale. There’s always the option to get a growler.

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (2)

Willie the Boatman - Tempe (12)

On the Saturday around 2.30pm, the Innocent Kitchen sets up a pulled pork sandwich station. $10 for a pulled pork burger $12 with bacon. And then beers. That’s pretty much a perfect weekender.
75 Mary St Saint Peters, NSW 2044
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The Innocent Kitchen
288 Unwins Bridge Rd Sydenham, NSW 2044
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