Half a year down from their launch, Waitan has undergone a few nip tucks with their opium daybeds and cavernous dimly lit space tweaked. The menu’s also been streamlined with the peculiar fusion out the door and shaped into a tighter more focused pan asian (think chinese, hongkong, singaporean) menu – with pictured menu to boot. Verdict out the way: it’s actually pretty good. Part of the experience here is definitely a wander around the venue. There’s the big dining room and also tighter 2 seaters hidden away in the booths.


Waitan’s dining interior is still dim but light levels are comfortable.


Entree: poached chicken in a chilli/peanut oil

This was pretty nice being a favourite of the table. Very tender and the sauce was nice – apparently someone complained to the restaurant that the serve was too generous for an entree? Who does that?? More please.  It sat on a mound of semi cooked sprouts.


Salted duck egg encased in terrined duck. Quite interesting, with the salted duck egg being briny and complex.


Summer rolls – presented on a bed of pebbles.


Entree: Fruit and prawns. Quite enjoyed this dish. Very simple and what you’d think would be a overly sweet fruit salad was quite well balanced with light summer fruit flavours. The cucumber and prawns shone. Red dragonfruit too. Fancy.

Wagyu. Grade 7. Waitan is the only Chinese restaurant that has the partnership to sell wagyu beef in Australia and this was a highlight. Didn’t really even need the condiments it came with. Very nice and still pink.


Peking Duck. Waitan has a specialised oven built into the premises for the Peking Duck (round the back so go wander). 1 Duck, 3 dishes.


Easily feeds 4-5. The remaining duck is prepped and we also got: duck soup and duck san chow bow.


glistening, goodness on a platter.


Peking Duck prep. Its really quite nice.


Out of the Peking duck, also came this san chow bow dish.


What appeared to be vermicilli was actually spiced potato strands. Would recommend this. Interestingly textured with crunchy szechuany qualities that gives that whiffy tingly sensation on your tastebuds.


The new menu is also focused on Singaporean dishes with a great rendition of King prawn and tomato dish present. Its a signature dish and for good reason. All the umami goodness in a dish. Came with chinese bread sticks which you’d used to mop that sauce up.


I can’t believe its not tofu. This was a egg, mushroom, broccolini and spinach dish. Quite a good serve and very nice. The abaloney looking stuff in the middle is mushrooms


Head around the back of Waitan and check out the duck station and oven.

Dinner at Waitan was surprisingly nice with rather good food. Not pictured however is the dessert platter which comboed the 3 things they had on the menu – for us, it was strangely mediocre – mini macarons (huh?), an alright pav (dinner of 5, some loved it, some didn’t) and a funky tasting mango sago dish. Considering how much we love our sweets, it was a bit of a shame it didn’t close better. But then thinking back, we never order desserts in a Chinese restaurant anyhow. Get some fresh fruit instead.

Skip dessert here and spend your money on the entrees and main as they were all quite good. Look for the newest building in chinatown and the entrance is somewhere on sussex. Up the escalators you go.
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  1. Padaek

    Wow – this place looks great! Food presentation is incredible and the “I can’t believe its not tofu” dish looks delicious! :)

    • TheJugernaut

      Heheh. but that prawn/fruit salad was excellent!