So the 4th Sydney foodtruck is on the road and this time, its the vegetarian food truck: the VeggiePatch Van. Its quite a cute foodtruck, with timberboarded siding and fantastic laser cut (?) logo on the side. Wish I was on the road and this trucked alongside. Sooooo cute looking. I follow them on twitter and when they announced that they’d be at Belmore Park (close enough to walk), I gave up my meats and walked over.

Hard to miss really. Green and timbery. I can’t wait for the wood to weather a bit and it’ll be all grey.


Fancy hinged name on the lid and even fancier herbs fixed to this side. Nice Shadow!

Vego food for the masses and people were buying it.

Burgers, SweetPotatochips and a pumpkin pasta (apparently this was thinkly sliced pumpkin masquerading as pasta). I need to try that.

Dessert + Drinks.

zucchini+Chickpea Burger with Beetroot relish, caramelished onion, dill, mayo and homemade tomato ketchup. I’m not a massive vegetarian food fan and this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks that a meatless dish impressed. Last week it was Crust’s heirloom tomato mahgerita pizza and this week its VPT’s really good burger.  Its got a good texture to the patty, tasted really good with sweetness coming from the onions, and with a fresh bite from all the spinach leaves on it. I gotta say, not mentioned in that list of ingredients is cilantro but they definitely threw some into the salad mix and it added that fresh cilantro flavour.

Black Berry, Chocolate and Macadamia Tart. Raw, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. This was $8 which seemed a bit pricey for what you get. Maybe $6 or 7? There surely must have been coconut in it; can’t reallly tell what they used to bind it together as it had a strong coconutty/creamy texture to this. Quite interesting to eat; it was raw so it was a bit goopy but taste wise it was pretty good – with berry flavours and hints of chocolate. Quite possibly needed a textural crunch factor (there might not have been enough macadamia in my slice) to even out the softness of the dessert; like a melted icecream but not cold. Decent eating.

One thing about the VPT food, the food is served on a biodegradable/compostable plates. Its some sort of wooden husk and you can see it in the photos.Their foodtruck is also powered by solar panels for the cooking and the van runs on recycled vegetable oil. Quite amazing. You can feel good about eating from the VPT and its good food.

Support this. Follow them on twitter to find out where they’ll be. The food is seasonal so it’ll be interesting to return to see what changes they make to the menu.


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  1. Christine

    Yum! I’ve been dying to try out all these food trucks for awhile now and this veggie patch one looks great. So awesome how they serve the food on biodegradable plates and run the truck on solar power as well and all the food itself looks just great!