So I don’t really have a name for this place. They probably have a name but they’re not telling. Its sandwiched btw the LE PUB secondary exit and the Louis Vuitton display walls along King Street in the city (its between George and York Street)… and its quite literally … a hole in the wall. And its kind of awesome. I was walking through the city one time looking for coffee, stopped to grab a coffee and a sweet bite… and yeah, been back quite often. Its a Jug Fav.


A doorway into the cafe. They also make sandwiches but its the sweets and slices that did stop me in my tracks. There’s only 2 ikea chairs out front to sit on.


So hey, wagon wheels, oat slices, brownies, blueberry coconut slices… and more. I like the totally nondescript nature of the shop


coconut slice. Yum.


Wagon Wheel. This wasn’t like store bought or commercial kitcheny. Guy said that all their sweets were made by some customer who chanced in and are all more or less home made. This is good!


Sandwiches. They have a few. I haven’t been here for a sandwich but I’m guessing I should. But I always come here after lunch. ;)


That’s kinda the shop I guess. Bit of a kitchen inside and that’s it.
I like sitting here and having a great coffee and trying to balance everything while the city goes by.

Pic from my instagram  from 5 months ago. I didn’t have anywhere to put things so that’s a good blueberry muffin and a coffee on my shoe. I really do come here all the time

Its quite different from what you’re probably used to in the CBD.

Eat: any of their sweets. All good.

Drink: Coffee. Very good.


Highly Recommended.


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^ Its not called that anymore but yeah, that’s where its located. 70 King Street

9 Responses

  1. john | heneedsfood

    When these guys first opened, about a year ago now I think,
    they were named Joe Black X. Great coffee! There was a bit of a law
    suit happening regarding their name as Joe Black cafe in Surry
    Hills wasn’t too chuffed with them using their name and putting an
    X behind it.

  2. milkteaxx

    i love hole in the wall places! just another person living their dream and doing what they love.

    • TheJugernaut

      you can say they put their hole heart and soul into this venture. ;)

      • TheJugernaut

        haha. what gets you josh? Really quite like this place. :)

      • Josh Hesford

        Groan was for the terrible “hole heart” pun.

        I am in love with this place too! And lucky enough to work upstairs.

        Toby’s estate coffee and good baristas. You’re right Bob, all the sweets are… well they’re pretty sweet.