The lovely hostess Nilu and Ellyn Tse with a basket of goodbye cupcakes. (not on the menu – this was a neat surprise). Tsuru does a popup dinner and I quite enjoy their food, having eaten it at masterchef and then at finderskeepers. Tsuru’s not on the road that often outside of big events so this was worth doing. They sent the word out on twitter and I was kind of excited by the promise of 1x cocktail and pretty much what was unlimited eats for $60. The premise for the popup dinner was that it was to be a secret dinner at a locale somewhere in Newtown. I sent the word out via facebook and 9 of my cohorts showed up for this event. Pretty good eh? Here’s a read of my first time with Tsuru here on


So this is where the popup event was housed. Up the long flight of stairs into is the heritage listed Belmode building. I was somewhat amused as I had looked at the domain rental for the adjoining bits of it ($950/week anyone?) in the last 2 weeks. Incidentally. The venue is a large 3 storey house with a massive outdoor space past the doors. It was a wow kind of venue to see this scale of housing in Newtown where I’ve lived for 8+ years. And it was rather grand all around.


sugar rimmed cocktails. I might have picked up a dry july version as I don’t think my drink was boozy :P this is from someone coming in from the office having had 3 drinks in the office.


Neighbouring tree branch growing up into the big old courtyard space here. They put up some chinese lanterns and seating around. Quite nice. Considering this was winter and it had rained in the morning (I was dreading coming here in the wet), we had a perfect evening that was cool but not nippy. Not sure if the girls here planned to wear red but they’re appropriately themed!


Table setting around the place, they made it tsuru with all the cranes and chinese accessories they put around the place.


Beers and vino kiosk. They had bintang and tsingtao beers tonight.


Instagram: mr tsuru, panacotta and a look at the menu.


Massive courtyard space and a rather amazing heritage house.


Looking in towards the kitchen where the cooking was happening. This was abuzz all night. and was station 01 where a few of the courses came from. (pork belly buns, rendang, nasi goreng, desserts). It was live food prep in a lot of instances and you gotta give the team props for the time and effort that went into making this popup a great evening.

Tsuru cranes


Their stalwart pork belly bun dish and the balinese bun. Everyone was like “woah these were good”. For some of my fellow diners, this was the first time they’ve had Tsuru. Yes, probably their best things. The pork bun has generous fillings and tasted fairly traditional and pretty damn great.


Foodservice Area 2 (so it encouraged you to move around) The balinese rolls. I’ve never had this previously but these were some sort of pulled pork with lemongrass flavourings. Rolls were very soft and the filling was delicious. I ate 2 or 3. Everyone enjoyed this heaps.


Station 3 – Chef Adam Moore (didn’t realise this was him) on the grill making the rather delicious lamb cutlets.


Here they are perfectly cooked, tender with a simple asian salad on the side. These were delicious.


Pork Skewer with Nasi Goreng. There’s some sort of crunchy cracker inside. The serve is quite generous and I quite liked the container they picked to store these in. Nasi goreng might have needed some extra green onions in it but otherwise this was a good eat. A side serve of malaysiany chilli or satay sauce wouldn’t have been amiss.


The excellent singer doing a birthday song for V.


Lads x06 having a good time at the Tsuru Popup.


Everyone standing around waiting for the belmode chocolate tarts. M is looking on in anticipation.


Belmode Chocolate Tarts being prepped. Nice handmade pastry shell and chocolatey filling.


Coconut pannacotta with jackfruit. Possibly needed to be served in a little plastic cup so you got a bit more of it. The shallow plastic spoon meant there wasn’t quite enough to be enjoyable. I quite enjoyed how they served their “almond jelly” for EAT ART TRUCK. InĀ  a cup.


Ellyn Tse, boss woman of Tsuru making the farewell cupcakes. These were sweet and rather yummy and had a sweet glaze.

Missing from the write up? Scallop ceviche. Pics a bit too blurry for my liking. But it was a yummy starter and full of lemony/asian flavours. A great way to start. Also missing. Duck Rendang + Roti. I don’t think any of the 9 of us had any. They just didn’t make enough so it ran out. The Tsuru popup was a great lively event featuring great food and live music. We had a great time at this and most of my party have never had it prior and enjoyed their food a lot. Despite missing 1 course, we were rather full by the time the belmode tarts showed up. Next time this pops up (sic) and if you’re on the fence about this? You will get a good dinner/feed and most probably have a great time. We did.

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    • TheJugernaut

      Hi Tina, the two foodtrucks I’ve yet to see IRL is yumcha + urban pasta. They never seem to be anywhere promising!

  1. Richard

    This looks really great. I couldn’t make it this time but will try to do one of their next ones.