(FYI Scott+Sarah have moved on since) Scott Wade and Sarah Knight at their Tracks Sports and Social. Heard via Inside Cuisine that Sarah Knight (Masterchef Professional finalist) and her partner (both professional and personal) Scott Wade had started their own kitchen at the Canterbury Club Hotel. She was my fav to win the show and I knew I will be visiting this asap.  Tracks Sports and Social is now up and running about 2-3 weeks and they do an excellent gastropub menu that spans a variety of what I’d call Americana+ ozpub staples (ribs, burgers, steaks -they even have an apple pie on the menu). TS+S also mixes it up with themed nights

  • Monday Curry Club
  • Tasty Taco Tuesday
  • Wednesday Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  • Thursday $10 Steak Night


So this is the Canterbury Club Hotel. Its across the road from cantebury station so it’s easy enough to get to. Tracks Sports and Social is located at the back (but you do order at the main bar). I did joke that I left the innerwest when I headed here.


Bistro area. where we sat. I forgot to take a photo but they use Dick Smith Ketchup which I thought was funny/great as I’ve never seen his products anywhere on shelves…. anywhere.

I love Dick. This rather incredible ad . Amazing. So yes, dick smith ketchup where the profits go to charity. But yes, back to Tracks.


The Tracks Sports and Social menu (with all pics on jugernauts.com) you can click on the pic to get a bigger version of this. Price guide on all items is suprisingly reasonable. $18 is the most expensive item but most cap out at $15 . If this was located in Newtown you’d be paying an extra $4-6 per item. That’s excellent value. Note their buffalo wings  – you can get 50! With different diners on a different night, I would have happily gone for that. And they are excellent. There are 3 flavours, smokey BBQ / hot / Insanity. They also have a Reuben.

Thorough Bread. We grinned


Amazing Sticky lamb Ribs with side of pickles. $11.50. Superbly tender with meat that slid off the bones. Coated with a finger licking sauce that was delicious and tacky (honey, soy). You’re going to want to lick your chops. This lead diner T to proclaim “better than hurricanes”. Yes, they were rather morish. Could easily have ordered another.

Bucket of Insanity Wings. If you’ve read my blog, there’s only another venue that I’ve had hotwings at (rather underwhelmed) but happy to say that the ones here at TS+S were great. Came piping hot, and we ordered the Insanity Bufflao Wings and these came coated with generous gooey hot sauce. Not as spicy as you might think. We did do the El loco taco challenge where after 3 tacos we were mostly bucketing tears and had to stop. Very enjoyable so much so …


After eating our meals (we ordered) a second bucket of the insanity buffalo wings. I can’t imagine what 50 wings will look like. Gotta try that.

Sirlon, chips, tomato and pickle salad. Perfect medium rare, tender and delicious. The smoked pepper butter on it was quite nice and it was nice that you went to a bistro and they didn’t slap gravy on it.


Side of mash potatoes. $3. This I did wish they’d slapped gravy on. Maybe my mind is conditioned by KFC or the one at Mary’s. Would have happily paid $1-2 more for gravy. ;)

Pulled Pork with smokey bbq sauce and chipotle mayo. Excellent crisp potatoes, tender flavoursome pulled pork that married well with the crunchy potato bits. Really good.

Eton Mess and Rocky Road chocolate sundae. I preferred the eton mess as the finisher as it wasn’t as sweet. We also picked a scoop of their home made icecream and it was described to me as “strawberry and oreos”. There wasn’t a pink ice cream so I’m not sure which one it was. Nevertherless, good desserts.


Cute cans they had around the venue where they stored the cutlery.

Tracks Sports and Social serves up high quality gastro pub food with some fantastic eating meals. The ribs, pulled pork, buffalo wings, steak (oh wait, that’s almost our entire meal) were great eating. I wonder if the locals at the canterbury knows the pedigree of the chefs (Sarah is the finalist of MCP, worked at EST, Uccello. Scott has cooked with Marco Pierre White) cooking for them because the food was easily some of the best I’ve had in a bistro setting. I’ve seen chef scottwade’s instagram and this …

Yes please.

Well worth the trip out to cantebury. They just won altmedia’s #BestofSydney2013 BestPubBistro award and for good reason. Head to the tracks.


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  1. Samuel

    The hot wings sound great. Thanks for the write up. Looking forward to coming here.

  2. Kelly @ MsBrulee

    I thought Sarah deserved to win MasterChef she put out consistently great food, also really pleased about the prices. Fifty hot wings! Do I detect an upcoming blog post about that? =P Count me in!

  3. Chris @ MAB vs Food

    Thanks for posting this, Bob. I agree that Sarah should have won MCP, she was definitely the most consistent contestant. I have been following her since the show finished, including having 2 great meals at Blancmange in Petersham during her brief stint there as head chef. I haven’t had a chance to head out to Canterbury to try this latest version, but hopefully will do so soon. The food looks great, especially those lamb ribs!

  4. Mine

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys , But the two winners (hahaha) are shooting the gap.

    Yep thats right big boy, they’re moving out of the Canterbury Hotel at the begining of May ;)

    Good luck in yoyr new vehture :)