Timbah is located at the northern end of glebe – a short walk up past the toxeth and hidden off the the side (well the entry is anyhow, huge wall painted with their name on it on the older fed styled shop). The entry is a timber lined doorway that is just lit enough to reveal where it is.

Upon entry impressions were: “woah, why is it so bright??” ¬†The venue could be a tad dimmer. It’s a very bright venue for what it is. A 15% reduction in brightness would make this venue very cosy. Also, I sat at table 7 and one of their spotlights was shining from the bar across the room at my face the whole night. :/ This probably easily fixed by adjusting down a tad.


Still, the place is wood lined, with rope partitions and unfinished brick walls with quaint scribbles in chalk (menu/specials) on the walks coated with black board paint. It was a very good look.

The wine menu was extensive’. You can also ask for G+T and the cocktail of the day was scribbled on the wall. Luigi. A multi hued monster that arrived in a tall cocktail glass. Very big.Good to drink. I had a tab running so it was a good night this one.


The menu consisted of meat/chachuterie on plates and I was amused that the shared plate (which was $50 – with pate, terrine+duck terrine+fancy bits of meat) was a lot smaller than the singular meat platter $25. No doubt due to the qualtiy of the produce on the shared plate. Plus terrines take a lot of effort to put together. It all looked amazing and tasted very good (although I personally craved more salt, maybe in a small finger pot?)

Had a great time in there. Will be back. Definitely to try the dessert.


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