The Rook – really I think its best described as a barn like roof top space. Part of the Keystone group, its located at the top of the 58-68 York Street business complex – you enter via a early 1990’s elevator and head up to The Rook. The space in the daytime is light filled and barn chic.


On the street side, this what you see, its unassuming and you really can’t tell The Rook is here – gotta be in the know. Jugs + Co dropped in for a arvo lunch. The trip up is in a rather meagre looking office elevator that services floors of language school of the ilk. Its sort of at odds with the destination.therook-2

worn timber, rustic eclectic mix of furniture adding to the ho down barn aesthetics. Its quite nice. Shafts of light coming through. A glance at the menu offered at The Rook. Its Burgers and Lobster you guys. Price guide demonstrates some price creep -$20 burgers and $50 half lobsters don’t make it too lunch crowd friendly.


Bit of a booth there.


Bar adjoining the dining space. The Rook is a bar at night and from the look of things, quite possibly a really nice one. Everything’s there. Its got oodles of character and looks great.



Waygu Beef burger with Truffle fries. Nice thick cut chips.


Lamb burger with kumera crisps. I preferred the chips to these crisps. They just seemed oily.


Chicken Burger, again with Truffle fries.

We dropped in for lunch – the Rook it should be noted isn’t open Monday/Tuesday – but will be from Wednesdays onwards for your arvo lunch. We all had burgers and happy to report that food was good enough for the $20 you spent on it. But otherwise, not really too special. Truffle oil is a bit of acquired taste – its got that quality to it that you either like or don’t. I actually think its a lot nicer here than it is at C+Co. For a city lunch, The Rook is well placed and a tad off the beaten track. Don’t mind it really. Service was pleasant and brisk. Something different from your takeaway lunch. its not fine dining nor is it a foodhall eat either. Check this out at Level R, 56-58 York Street.
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  1. Evelyn

    They also do amazing cocktails with really cute, interactive garnishes. I had the Calligraphy cocktail which comes with a feather quill & “ink pot” (food colouring) that you can draw on your drink with! Good fun. :D