The Stinking Bishops is Enmore’s newest hotspot, located funnily enough under a “generi” apartment complex but finished just enough with the right fitout that you don’t feel it when inside. Its an interesting venue and there’s nothing like it in the area, cheese, charcuterie, wine and the singular beer (a newcastle UK import). An april edition to the innerwest, its a lively packed fashionable eatery. We rather dug our arvo here.


Venue’s packed at 2ish with a 15-20minute wait.


Large communal table, different cheeses today and also counter seats at the bar.


There’s more than 20 types of cheese at a glance


The Stinking Bishops will also fill your pantry with breads, crackers, relishes and sauces available for sale. There’s also loaves of crusty bread on sale here.


A duck liver pateĀ  eathouse diner #redfern is served with crusty bread (4). Its very nice.


2 cheese – we couldn’t make up our minds and they picked everything today – a stinky blue and a hard orange – with accompaniments there.


2 x meats, a crushed spicy meat sausage, truffled sausage. You can just make out the newcastle brown beer there. (The only beer here is an imported brown ale from the UK). Its very nice and went well with the eats.


Here’s the lunch menu at a glance. There’s also sandwiches, salads, olives, rilettes and a pork pie. What would have been nice is a cheese+meat combo board instead of picking 2/2 and ending up with a bit of bread (doubling up) this lunch. But its more of an ordering choice on our end.

Great addition to the Innerwest, The Stinking Bishops delivered with good service, a good easy feel and very nice food. There’s probably better value to be had if you go for the 4/4 meats and cheeses but that’s what the return visit’s for. What was nice, was the extra touches like the staff introducing the product as they brought them over. Enjoyable. Be right back, our guess? Sit at the counter.

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