This coming 2015 Night Noodle Markets – The Singleton Whisky and New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar are teaming up for their first Australian partnership and collaboration with a ‘The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar’
Christina-Tosi-and-The-SingletonThis partnership between the Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the New York sugar-mecca was born out of a mutual appreciation for the delightful and unexpected pleasure that comes from pairing whisky and dessert.Milk Bar’s founder and New York’s resident dessert darling Christina Tosi has baked The Singleton into an exclusive Whisky Maple Cookie. The Singleton Whisky Maple Cookie will be served up alongside an array of whisky cocktails and neat tastings of the liquid at The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar.

Ms Tosi, whose astronomic rise to dessert notoriety propelled in 2008 when she co- founded Milk Bar and was cemented as she baked her way onto the judging panel of MasterChef (US) – Christina will arrive in Sydney 8th Octonber to celebrate the launch of The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar.

“I’m excited to join forces with The Singleton to bring a bespoke Milk Bar Whisky Maple Cookie to Australia. I love the nutty and brown sugar notes of The Singleton’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky and was instantly reminded of the flavors and scents of buttery pancakes served at breakfast time. I wanted to find a way to suggest breakfast, even at cocktail hour!” Christina Tosi.

Guests at The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar can expect a world of the unexpected and wonderful – a modern-day whisky and dessert experience. One innspired by the rich heritage of the Scottish highlands and the bright lights of New York’s gastronomic scene.

Key Dates

The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar will be located at the Night Noodle Markets: 



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