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The Rice Den is a modern Cantonese restaurant that was formerly located in Chatswood. It is now open at St Leonards housed under an apartment complex along Chandos Street. Expect Affordable Cantonese and tasty dishes great for sharing. Their menu opens to their Banquet options (minimum 4) and that’s priced at an attractive $40 while the vegetarian option is only $35.

Rice Den St Leonards (6)
Rice Den St Leonards (5)
Inside, The Rice Den is an appealing mix of chinoserie elements, with a tastefully done fitout – we particularly liked the abacus styled paneling surrounding the open kitchen. The de rigeur asian styled birdcage is also here and houses the incandescents. The overall effect is an intimate appropriately Asian mod Restaurant.

Rice Den St Leonards (8)
Cheong Fun with sesame sauce and hoisin was a delightful endless edible bowl of steamed rice noodles.

Rice Den St Leonards (10)
Rice Den St Leonards (11)
A robust a well executed duck san chai bow comes with well trimmed lettuce cups and an ample serve good for 4.

Rice Den St Leonards (12)
Vermicelli Chicken Salad with Rice Paper Rolls was a nice dish. A good sized serve; this is a crowd pleasing Asian styled salad. $16

Rice Den St Leonards (16)
Soft Shell Crab on mung bean noodles is one of the best things on their menu here. $24. Good value with plenty to eat and delicious. Pick.
Rice Den St Leonards (15)
Rice Den St Leonards (14)
Canton style BBQ Pork Neck Char Siew and their Yanzhou styled Fried Rice ($16 ea)

Rice Den St Leonards (7)
The Rice Den Cocktail. There’s a good sized bar here and the cocktails are done well and goes well with the meal.

Rice Den St Leonards (3)
Rice Den St Leonards (1)
Duo of dessert. Top Dulche de Leche Brioche w matcha mascarpone, Ovaltine Panacotta. ($14ea)

Wasn’t quite sure what the brioche dish was as it was so well soaked that the spoon just cut it like it was soft butter. A compellingly rich and tasty dessert. Ovaltine Panacotta was inspired by Chef’s childhood eats back in Hongkong and served up with modern presentation. Just set pannacotta jiggled and pleased.

The Rice Den up at St Leonards quitely notably opens up their menu to Set Banquets and we think that’s the way to go here. Its well priced and for the money $40 and under you can get through their tasty Cantonese eats. Highly Recommended, good eats Canton style

The Rice Den
30-32 Chandos Street
St Leonards
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