We’ve got quite the repository of Sydney bars under our belt and last year, we crowned the Stillery as one of the best new bars we’ve ever hit. Well, The Powder Keg by Grant Collins has just gone and unless something comes up this year (Dead Ringer by Bulletin Place)up ended it all, its going to be pretty hard to beat. It’s quite easily the best bar you will hit in Sydney right now. There’s a fantastic synergy of amazing cocktails, superb presentation, fantastic service, delicious intriguing eats (Negroni Ice Cream Sandwiches anyone?). It’s all quite wonderful and we can see ourselves calling a favourite and contender for best bar restaurant in Sydney. This is next level in every way and we can’t wait to get back in here. That’s the review out of the way. Let’s have a look.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (5)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (3)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (1)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (6)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (7)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (4)

Like Parsons Bar which sits 2 doors down. The PowderKeg is a 4 part venue. Front dining under the leafy street trees, front dining space, corridor with booths and a dark NYC styled and smartly finish back bar area. There’s a wonderful energy in here and the excellent choice of tunes playing in here also makes the venue a lively sexy place to just hang out. Back bar area has 120+ Gins; TPK is very much the ginjoint and there’s plenty here for the gin hound and there’s a high likelyhood you’ll be a convert once you spend a good evening here even if you’re not. It’s quite dim in here but it adds to the mystique of the venue which really just does scream Luxe. Staff are well presented and wear almost an uniform with the men all wearing bow ties.

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