Salt Meat’s Cheese is awesome. There’s no getting around a venue that celebrates cured meats, cheeses (apparently eating cheese extends your life) and salt and all the finer things in a gourmet’s life. SMC is already this large warehouse space that you’d love to wander around and peruse in joy; Oh hello 3kg jar of Nutella. We attended the launch of their new The Pizza Box. Well, starting as of the time you’re reading this, The Pizza Box is live in store. A custom built woodfired oven that’s been shipped all the way from Naples is ready to go and SMC is now open every day from 6pm-10pm for dinners. What to expect? Woodfired pizzas and their signature black squid ink pizzas with lobster and then some.

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A couple of shots around the venue. They set up a bit of a charcuterie cheese section which was marvelous.

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OZ3 professional pizza flour.

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Thier woodfired oven and a mound of cut timber. This is where all the magic happens and them bases and pizzas gets put together. And yes, its housed in a container too.

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A look at the menu for The Pizza Box. There’s pizzas, meatballs, aranchini balls, caprese salads and even a nutella bomb on the menu.

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The Pizza Box SaltMeatsCheese (10).

Their signature Lobster Pizza has a black squid ink pizza dough base and here Jason’s working the pizza dough for the base.

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Margherita $16 – tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil

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Prosciutto $16 – San Daniele prosciutto, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, rocket, parmesan Reggiano.

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Wagyu – a white pizza with wagyu bresaola, Parmesan Reggiano, caramelized onions, rocket and balsamic

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Speck and Mascarpone $20 – Buffalo Mozarella, tomato, speck and Mascarpone

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Lobster $27 – lobster tail white pizza with fontina, mozzarella, garlic oil and thyme.

Across the ranges, all pizzas were delicious – with the key being their fresh and high quality ingredients being showcased and you’d be hardpressed to say which was best as they were all damn tasty pizzas. The highlight of course was their signature pizzas the Bresaola and the Lobster.

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A tasting of their excellent Caprese Salad. Fresh Tomatoes, Gooey Buffalo Mozarella, Evoo, balsamic and balsamic Glaze.

The Pizza Box combines traditonal and contemporary toppings to give diners a taste of modern pizzerias out of Italy. Options include prosciutto and chorizo, as well as premium ingredients like Tasmanian smoked salmon with gorgonzola, walnuts, capers and rocket (check that menu pic). More than Pizzas, they have entrees and plenty of dessert options. There’s a special on their online ordering store where you’re able to get 2 of their pizza Margherita or San Danielle for $30. The Pizza Box is gonna be huge and its always good to find reasons to pop into Salt Meats Cheese. 3kg jar of Nutella anyone?

The Pizza Box Salt Meats Cheese
41 Bourke Road Alexandria, NSW
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