The Oaks. We visited earlier with google for a meat masterclass, and later with wasa to check out the new Paul Kelly Designed Garden Pavilion round the back. So what’s the Oaks like now that its refurbished? Its great, the venue feels contemporary and modern, the food is excellent, the focus and attention to the product is ever present and the wait staff are really nice.


They just won ‘Best Steak’  in the SMH good pub food guide and its well deserved. Lets have a look.

I #secretsofsteak.


The front half of the refurbished Oaks by Paul Kelly is richly luxuriant space with tartan carpeting, luxe leather booths, and dark oak furniture. The space feels intimate, trendy and looks great.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-4

To the side, there is a large wine cabinet and each zone easily zones 10-20. Lighting used here is contemporary modern incandescents and looks great.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-13

The bar at the Oaks here, as noted below serves regular bar drinks but also craft beer on tap.theoaks-13

One great thing about The Oaks is that they have craft beers on tap.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-1

Whats a meat masterclass without a master butcher and there probably isn’t anyone better in Australia than Anthony Puharich (him of Ask the butcher, vic meats and victor churchill)The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-3

There’s various cuts here, but its the tongue gets everyone talking.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-9

There’s 2 different grades of wagyu here. We learn that there’s up to 9 grades and prices can reach some lofty numbers. $250/kg anyone?The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-11

Anthony breaking down an aged sirloinThe-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-12

frenching/cleaning the bones and prepping it for use.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-14

Anthony mentioned that they’ve made an app that you should have a look at if you want to cook your meat perfectly. It times your cooking even using your iphone to give you timing and ensure it perfect. Technology working for you. Links below.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-5

Here’s a look at the menu for the evening and the matching wines.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-7

The Oaks Beef Tartare. quite delicious and morish.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-10

Braised Beef cheeks, cipollini crema, market mushrooms & Pangratto.  Melt in your mouth braised beef.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-8

Classic Roast Beef with all the trimmings. Yup, duck fat roasted potatoes were here also and amazing.

These eats we had are from the Oaks’ menu and the sit down eats (should you desire to not cook you own) and every dish we had was great.

II. Garden Pavilion


Nice outdoor courtyard. Generous in sized undeneath that oak tree.theoaks-20

The outdoor gardens has a giant oak tree and when the sun set, its a lovely space to hang out intheoaks-18

Paul Kelly’s Garden Pavilion is bright, hamptony and quite gorgeous. You can rent the space out for private functions.theoaks-19
The Garden Pavilion is so new here that its missing touches like the potted plants and hanging greens (since installed). But the space is nice clean with stylistic touches like the offset trianglur tiles (with gold tactile indicators at too)theoaks-15Inside you have stool seating near the bar and dark oak panelling.theoaks-14
Chef Danny Russo Talking meat (today its haverick meats). He’s the oak’s executive chef and the guy behind its menu planning. Today we talk about grass fed vs grain fed and also how to treat and the value/price of what you pay for when you pay more for prime beef.theoaks-06
Sirloins, ribeye, flanks and rump – today the meats are sourced from Haverick Meats and we learn that they open Saturdays so the public can head in to buy product. One for the diary.theoaks-04

Seasoning our steak. Rubbed with oil and coated liberally with their “secret” seasoning.theoaks-03

Meat cookery 101theoaks-12

Cooking your own steak at the outside grill is suprisingly fun. The grill is scorching hot and you use these giant tongs.s-theOAKS-garden-pavilion-1

Danny cooking a blue steak. To cook a blue steak, its literally 1 minute each side.theoaks-05

A blue steak served with lemon wedges. Sliced thinly and eaten with a splash of lemon. Delicious.theoaks-09

Out steaks. A ribeye and a sirlon. Its dang good! We cooked ours medium rare and its buttery soft and delicious.theoaks-08

Duck Fat Roasted potatoes are sensastional.theoaks-11

They have a banoffee pie for dessert.theoaks-10

A delicious creme brulee with ice cream and fresh fruit.theoaks-8

We want that 1.8kg Tomahawk. Who’s hungry? WANT IT BAD!theoaks-07

Their lovely meat cabinet and some hot dang aged beef there.The-Oaks---Meatmasterclass-15

Chef Danny Russo also led us into the kitchen to check out the operations and that cooktop behind him is no joke. Its an inferno. Props to the chefs who do 2+ hours dinner service cooking there.

If you love your meat, the Oaks is it. Best Steak? Yup. Not only that, the care and love they they have to the product from cookery to service makes it a winner. The new fitout by Paul Kelly looks fantastic with its tonal difference across the 4 zonees. Dark Rich Warmth of the front room, the spacious outdoor under the oak tree, the luxe garden pavilion with it gorgeous fitout and hamptonesque easiness. We’d want to head back for the tomahawk and to eat Sydney’s best pub steak. Head in and check out the New Oaks 118 Military Road.


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