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The Gourmet has long established itself in supplying some of Sydney’s best purveyors with Sydneysiders far and wide. Now they have furthered their reach by adding Fresh Food to their delivery service, allowing you to enjoy everything from fresh Brickfields Bakery bread with a Mecca coffee for breakfast, to dinner from Pasta Emilia followed by devilish cupcake from Black Velvet. Gone are the nights in with Netflix meaning a substandard dinner consisting of two minute noodles, or worse a frozen Lite and Easy. Or that awkward moment when no one knows how to make something both gluten free and dairy free for that poor friend of yours who always ends up missing out on dessert (cue Earth to Table).

Gourmet dot com (6) Gourmet dot com (3) showcased a range of the  quality goods available, but also the array of areas The Gourmet covers for you, connecting people with purveyors from Newtown to Bondi, and wholesalers directly to consumers. Mecca coffee introduced their range available on their web site through a coffee cupping. Mecca has grown so much over the four years they have now been running that the roastery has been coupled in a new building with a café. Offering classic roasts like the Espresso Blend keeps everyone happy, while the more exotic Victor Barrera really hits you with its sweeter citrusy notes. With Mecca joining forces with The Gourmet your morning ritual just became that bit more interesting.


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Chippendale’s Brickfields joined in on the breakfast, providing croissants and gluten free Persian Love Cakes. Available on the site will be an array of their breads as well as assortments of cakes. With Brickfields planning an expansion later this year into the café domain as well as homemade pasta nights were hoping delivery might even go into these areas. For the mean time we would not turn one of those freshly baked loaves brought straight to our door.

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The Gourmet has made life easy for all those who are gluten free, dairy free, raw and vegan with the inclusion of Earth to Table. While some enjoy this as a lifestyle and others as a requirement, Earth to Table has created guilt free desserts that are also stunning to look at. A real highlight was the Caramel Slice, but the Raspberry and Macqui Berry Truffles were a clear winner, convincing us all that you can have delicious and healthy desserts.

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On the other side of the spectrum of desserts are the artisan cupcakes from Black Velvet Sydney. These fluffy clouds of soft cake are topped with smooth butter icing and come in a variety of flavours, from Salted Caramel to traditional Vanilla, Gaytime and Lemon and Vodka.

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For all the cheese you could ever need and want, as well as cured meats, and other small goods, Simon Johnson has curated the best of the best in all these areas to house at one location. While getting to Woollahra might not be the easiest (although it is almost worth it for their walk in fromagerie) the Gourmet has a vast selection of the products they have for sale.

As for pate and terrine fans, The Gourmet has teamed up with Julianne’s Kitchen to link the consumer to a wholesaler. Julianne’s kitchen has created pates and terrines that have been served in some of Sydney’s most well known establishments, so it would be pretty sweet to be able to serve it at your own dinner party, or lather on a crispy, fresh baguette from Brickfields. Yum.

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Finishing our foodie tour in Surry Hills, having crossed through five different Sydney suburbs and barely touching the surface of The Gourmets reach, shopping from home looks like a pretty good option. Add Pasta Emilia to the mix, with their fresh house made pastas and sauces and we could be locked up at home forever. Here we are treated to a beetroot and chevre tortellini and spinach and ricotta tortellini as well as their Chittara pasta served with their own lamb ragu.

Checkout to learn more about this straight to your door purveyor service. They’re now host to some rather incredible fresh foods.

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Post by Rachael Sparks