Located at 182 Redfern Street Redfern St, The Docks is truly one of the better small bars. Small intimate with a great casual vibe, The Dock is definitely worth hopping on a train/bus outta surryhills/city and coming to. On the street side, it is fair non descript. Glass front. Hand drawn logo over. You can also easily pub crawl over to Arcadia.
Inside, its a warmly lit, throwback/speakeasy sort of space. Its not the biggest small bar but that’s what makes this great. There are old wingbacks, barrels, couches and even a functioning piano you can lean on. There’s stained glass, antiquey looking lamps which adds to the overall flavour of The Docks. They don’t do food but they do give free popcorn. They do wines, cocktails – I had a sour (again) and they recommended a Japanese beer for my mate (who quite liked it too).

I wonder if they really do sell ice cold coca cola. Next time I’ll ask


The bartender guy who served me was super friendly and said all the right things to make you think “hey, I really dig this place”. Their Monteiths are a dollar cheaper than in the city.


My amaretto sour. Good. Morello Cherry. Heaven.


This thing is also at shady pines.


Cool little small bar. great Vibes. Very relaxed. Don’t come here. I want it for myself. :)
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