The Currency Kitchen by We love our Lamb

The Currency Kitchen

A group of Sydney’s most innovative chefs have come together to raise money for Ozharvest, Australia’s leading food rescue charity. Now open for business, The Currency Kitchen welcomes you to a communal lamb meal prepared by top chefs such as Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz from Porteno, Nic Wong from Cho Cho San, Paul Carmichael from Momofuku Seiobo, Analiese Gregory from Bar Bros√© and Jacqui Challinor from Nomad. On a different night in May between the 16th to the 20th,¬† a different chef and their team will prepare the meal, drawing influences from their particular restaurant to demonstrate the diversity of the lamb provided by We Love our Lamb and served with a variety of wines from Taylors Vineyards in the Clare Valley.

Jacqui’s Smoked Lamb Shoulder Empanada

Nic Wong (Cho Cho San) Koji Glazed Dry-Aged Lamb Rump on the Bone

For the night’s menu, on arrival we were first served Jacqui’s Smoked Lamb Shoulder Empanada with a bottle of agrodolce (hot sauce) – the pastry rich and filled with tender seasoned lamb pieces. Ben and Elvis prepared a delicious entree of lamb leg tartare, served on onion bread. A novelty for many as lamb tartare is a rarity with most dishes of the ilk showcasing beef. The smokey spices melded beautifully with the charred caramelisation of the onion threads on the foccaccia and paired perfectly with Taylors Jaraman Shiraz. For the main course, Nic prepared thick slices of Koji Glazed Dry-Aged Lamb Rump on the Bone, roasted until juicy pink and sliced and served with green beans and a mushroom brown rice. To finish, he also prepared a cute parcel of black sesame ice cream in a mochi wrap, not too sweet but definitely more-ish.

Cho cho San’s black sesame ice cream in a mochi wrap

Elvis and Ben from Porteno in the kitchen prepping their lamb tartare

The price of this dinner? That’s for you to decide, in any currency that you wish! Guests pay as much as they feel the meal deserves and, if you have any currency leftover from your last holiday, you are encouraged to also pop that into the currency globe, all proceeds of which will go to Ozharvest. As you can imagine, you’ll need to get in fast to secure a booking for this limited time popup. Beer, wine and soft drinks will be provided. Bring any currency, including Australian dollars, in any combination, to donate directly to OzHarvest.

Find out more about the Currency Kitchen in their link above. Bookings open 12 noon.

Post by May Lawrence