The botanist was described to me as a small bar in kirribilli but its really more of a diner/pub (gastropub?)- mostly because of how food centric it felt? I guess we did come here to have dinner but the seating around (clusters of 4) very much reflects that. The Botanist is a short jaunt from milsons point station – just head down to the left along where the shop side is and its the last shop on the left. The botanist sits in on the corner and if you see the sign, you’ve gone too far as the entry is the little door a little bit up the hill.


The bar at the Botanist.


Beautifully presented menu that has this rather lovely drawn fruit/aromats representation of the stuff that goes into their classic cocktails (zombie/punch/turbo pimms/sangria)


rather delicious pizza. For a non-pizzeria, this was ace.


tuna ceviche on toast. really classy having tuna ceviche on the menu. One of the diners with me never even heard of ceviche and had no idea what it was – but she did rather enjoy it. tangy from the acid, with creamy avocado. This was lovely.


a look at the ceviche serve.


Crab sliders x 4. This was delicate in flavour with good mayo and a nice crusty slider bun.


a look at the crab sliders



mezze plate. We ordered this at the end (not sure why) but this should be the first thing you order. It is a lot of food with a good selection of greek/turkish mezze – baba ganoush/olives/grilled octopus, tomatoes, artichokes, tabouli and crust bread.

Didn’t end up taking any shots of the drinks but everyone was so enthused to dig in, it kind of slipped away from me. You can just about make out the cocktails we ordered – we had the zombie+sangria and each jug fill about 4 glasses. The staff at the Botanist were accommodating and permitted us to sit at a table as the seats were mostly reserved (we had a booking but for a little later) and we spent the rest of the evening where the wait staff sat us.

As it got dark and the mood/lighting in The Botanist changed to become a lot more intimate – I begun to like it a lot more. The food was great – pizza was delicious, ceviche was good and similarly the sliders. If this is a small bar, its one that I’d happily eat at. Quite lovely and well worth checking out.

Head out over the bridge and check out the Botanist.

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