Have you ever gone: “Oh, I really like all these themed small bars but there’s nothing for pirates” or something to that effect? So there you go, there’s the Angry Pirate Bar in Redfern – its a good one, with young henrys local beer on tap, cocktails starting from $14 and classic styled pizzas that tasted pretty damn good. This place is going to go off during Talk like a pirate day. Bring your swagger and best jack sparrow impersonations and check in.


125 redfern street. Theres’ a bit of ship sails just there about the door frame. Its themed alright.


Inside, its all wood boards and rough recycled boards for the bar counter. They’ve kept it fairly simple with a nice bar and lots of rum! Pirates love their rum you guys.


Parrots, gulls, birds and a whale in sight, bit of a map. Its suitably dressed. Jasper the bar guy is there pouring some nice spanish vino.


The back of the bar has a large communal space where you can sit about 10-15. Its great for larger groups just there, your private cubby and for birthdays. There’s a fair few models today here (post MBfashionweek). It should be noted: per the comments from our people: the bathrooms are a hoot with sea shantys playing inside.


Pizza cooked by laser beams shot outta a bull’s eye? Who wouldn’t want?


Newtown’s own brew is on tap. Gotta love us some Young Henrys.


This had to be noted, when Pirate captain Peter made the cocktail and brought out the spherical ice mould, kinda impressed. Its a nice touch – quite uncommon. Round ice is meant to be better for whiskeys as it dissolves more evenly. ;)


A fizzy sorbet and a grog zombie (their classic tiki). We love zombies here (check most of the bar reviews) – there’s always one with the flame. And here the overproof rum is buying off in a passionfruit. Both drinks make for a good tipple.


Table got crowded with drinks as they kept coming through the evening. Clockwise, (with the lime) the dark and stormy, a rather lush mojito, a round icecube in their old fashioned. Enjoyed.


Had this before here, but here’s The Angry Pirate’s lychee cocktail. Its very girly but we don’t judge.


The bar snack here is the popcorn.


Pizza came. We had the spanish chorizo and a goats cheese pizza and they’ve kept it classic with a proper base – italian flour, tomato and its 4-5 ingredients max. They’re very very good.


Jasper and Captain Pete! with a bottle of house rum.

Not going to lace the conclusion with silly pirate puns/talk – ah oh well, when’s the oppourtunity going to present itself again? Walk yourself over to The Angry Pirate or walk the plank! Ayyee. In all seriousness, The angry pirate bar is a very good small bar and a great addition to the Redfern strip – you can do a nice crawl and hop between The Docks, Arcadia and here. Check in, grab a pizza and a drink. One on our rotation – We dig this. Grog up!

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