So this happened. Erskineville’s @foodcraftespresso done and gone did put their amazing Tella Ball donuts in a milkshake and then its gone viral. The very clever Aki and Simon from Foodcraft realised that milkshake was the next viral trend and off it goes. Its $10 and its the best $10 milkshake you can get and its a gloriously messy eat as well. Grab some napkins and dive in.

Tell Ball Shake Foodcraftespresso (1) Tell Ball Shake Foodcraftespresso (5)
Yup, a large milkshilk in them mason jar (its also incredibly rich and nutellaish). dericious!

Tell Ball Shake Foodcraftespresso (2)
We had to break it apart and dip it in the milkshake to eat that donut. Yes, look at them oozy nutella!

Tell Ball Shake Foodcraftespresso (4)
O M GEE. yeah we had a piccolo to break up the sugar rush.
Get yourself down to Erskineville and get yourselves one of these babys. The tella ball donut is normally $4.50 making the sumptous shake a cheap $5.50. Amazeballs. GG Foodcraft.

Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery
33 Bridge Street, Erskineville, Sydney, NSW

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  1. Gourmet Getaways

    That’s one heck of a ball shake. Haven’t heard of this and seeing it in your crisp photo is just fab! Curious and drooling…

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx