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Taylors wine has launched the latest innovation in wine; A temperature sensor using Thermo-chromatic ink technology that tells you just when that bottle of vino is perfect for drinking. Currently the sensor sits on the back of their Taylors estate and also their promised land ranges and these are the wine to look. The Better be Degrees Range have a colour coded sensor that turns green when white wine or sparkling are ready for drinking while in the instances of the red range, it is a nice shade of fuchsia.

In a recent IPSOS study conducted by Taylors Wines, 8 out of 10 red wines are cosnumed ‘at room temperature’. While this is the norm to most, the warm Australian climate is actually having a negative impact on the flavour of our favourite shiraz, pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon. Similarly, an overchilled white wine can mask its flavours and aromas, making its acid flavours more pronounced.

Taylors’ chief wine maker Adam Eggins reckon that for both red and whites, a 30 min cycle is about right for reds and white. Red wine should be popped into the fridge for about 30 minutes to allow it to cool to the right temperature while whites should be allowed to warm up out of the fridge for about 30.

“Temperature is a vital piece in making sure wine is enjoyed at its very best. While our winemakers take great care to ensure our wine is of utmost quality and value, the warm Australian climate is not so great for storing and drinking wine,” Mitchell Taylor

While expensive high-tech wine fridges and thermometers can be used to monitor, most don’t have access to this equipment, so Taylors’ integrated solution to wine drinker’s temperature troubles is a pretty clever and easy one to appreciate with its visual queues
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Australia’s best Shiraz!

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The Taylors Estate range of wines are available at RRP $20 while their Taylors Promised Land range are available for RRP $15.
Both product ranges are available at all good liquor retailers and online at Taylors Wines website