Sweet infinity is getting battered on Urban Spoon – for poor service. which IMO is quite bizarre. I guess if they’re using coupons and what not and getting treated rudely, sure.

At, shop 18 The Strand Arcade, Sweet Infinity was a lovely looking shop filled with rather delicious looking sweet treats and an appealing shop front. We fancied a coffee + a small bite so we wandered in.

coffees + cupcakes + macarons . KS is paying for the cakes + coffee + macarons after our “meal” so they were fairly casual about it.


Shop is pretty

red velvet cake. It was alright. About a 6/10. I thought the cake was  a bit dense and not red velvety. KS reckons it should have been blood red and fully moist. Moist. You can see the texture of the cake in the above pic and it was a bit too cakey. We also had coffees. Decent

Coffees + Chai Tea product

sugar overload. look at that koala.

Macarons.These are pricy? I think Laduree is about $3-$3.50? We got a box of 6 though. Lets just say they should have a look at their price now that Laduree is in town


Prices aren’t terribad


Good looking cakes. Good price too. Considering how expensive the Mitchell’s Patisserie cake I got for other KS the other day was $30 (and how Horrible it was).. I wish I’d walked into this sooner. Appealing shop, lots of sweet things around.

Not a fan of macrons myself. this was a pistachio one. 6/10. LM said this “Mmmm.. Mint choc :)” to the one she ate.


Coffee was good. If the issue is bad service, I think they really need to rethink how they treat their customers. Especially when coupon deals; are all about drawing in repeat business, and if you act rude about it; you’re not going to get that.

Staff didn’t strike me as monsters. I don’t mind this.


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