[Invite] Housed up at 146 Queen Street in Woollhara is Sushi with a Twist. What’s the twist you ask? It’s a fine diningesque sushi train eats with carefully curated presentation that pays attention to the small details – you’ll note that instead of atypical generi plastic plates with colour rims, you’re eating off beautiful kilned plates. The sushi at Sushi with a Twist is beautifully put together and the space; functionally pretty with unmistakable oversized soy-fishies are here; their central lighting element and provides a point of visual interest as well as signposting what you’re here for. Fresh seafood and japanese eats.

Sushi with a Twist Woollahra (1)
Sushi with a Twist Woollahra (11)
Sushi with a Twist Woollahra (14)

Them iconic soy sauce fishes.

With any sushi train experience, what you see is what you’d want to pick from – there are also specials and on menu eats; should items run out on the train and should you desire the hot eats (dumplings/fried eats) which can all be ordered ala carte. From soft shell crab, cooked tuna to more classic sushi eats like Salmon Nigiri and fresh and tasty sashimi, its all here.

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What’s the most “Sushi with a Twist” dish we’ve had tonight? It can only be their special of the day; and its a mix of the contemporary presentation – Sushi Martini is sorta “Poke” like dish of cubed tuna with avocado served up in a Martini Glass.

We particularly liked the Kaitifi Prawns tonight $9; reminiscent of middle eastern treatement to them prawns instead of an atypical tempura prawn. Plenty of crunch from the crispy vermicelli noodle shell and juicy plump prawns.

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Sushi with a Twist Woollahra (15)

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Tuna Tataki ($9) Seared tuna sitting on a lotus chip with avocado and topped with a cherry tomato. It’s a nicely put together plate of sashimi.

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King fish sashimi with thinly sliced deseeded green chillis

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The crowd pleasing Kataifi Prawns

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Lion King $9.0 (Soft shell crab, cream cheese, salmon & fried leek)

A bit of everything in it with the stripped mayo makes the lion king.

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Thai-ger Prawn  $9.0 (Crab salad, king prawn, asparagus & Thai salad)

An east meets east as Asian flavour collide in their Thai-ger prawn roll. Thai flavours hitting the sushi train adding some zing to the flavour profile.

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dessert option – vanilla or chocolate ice cream

There’s plenty to like here at Sushi with a Twist. It’s not your standard sushi train,the contemporary touches and fusion adds something to the mix. BYO too with corkage available at $3.50/head.

Sushi With A Twist

146 Queen Street Woollahra NSW 2015
9363 0219

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