Surry Hills Eating House is open in the old Harry’s Singapore Crab place and brings to Surry hills a rather good southern thai/malaysian joint with really good eats. Its moderately priced – about $30-40/head. Outside of one the odd progression on 1-2 of the dishes tonight, we really enjoyed our dinner here and it’s a good take on Thai/Malaysian from the guys from Spice I am.

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A rather funky mural as you make you way upstairs

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The fitout is understated and a fair simple affair inside. Long table/benches and then there’s more traditional seats.

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Their menu is a good one where you’d be pleased with the selection and prices were very affordable.

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Moo Hong – Phuket Chinese styled pork belly. This wasn’t as successful as we liked with the pork belly not quite being tender enough. The pork fat layer just had a bit too much chew when we prefered it a bit more melty.

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Ho Mok Pla – a Phuket styled steamed fish wrapped in banana wrapper. Its a tiny parcel of fish but succulent, moist and a flavour bomb all in one.

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Gai Pae Sa – steam chickened – it was all succulent breast meat piled high on a mound of fresh water ginger. It has to be noted that their sauce and chilli were punchy bright and full of flavour with an endlessly enjoyable chilli/ginger sauce.

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In sequence, this came after the mains and we had ordered this banana flower (Hua Plee Tod) concurrently. The curried banana flower fritters was substantial and decent with a too sweet chili sauce underneath. The timing also meant that most of the meats (chicken and pork) were gone and the main part of our dinner had passed so we had to eat these as is. We ended up with a mound of this. $14. Possibly better if it came sooner.

Surry Hills Eating (1)
Surry Hills Eating (5)
Both desserts were $10 and the sago was the winner being fragrant (jasmine), warm and calming. The black rice dessert with coconut milk which we normally quite enjoy as an aromatic asian dessert was overtly sugary and we didn’t really want to eat it. The contrast between the two couldn’t be more apparent eating side by side.

Surry Hills eating House’s menu is an appealing mix of southern thai, Chinese and Malaysian and the meal we had here was memorable largely. The steamed chicken dish was a nice dish with plenty to like. Looking at the menu now, we’d happily head back in. This is located up the stairs at 198-200 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills.
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  1. Gaby

    Thanks for posting the menu pics… quite a few dishes with the magic letters “GF” next to them. In my wishlist now.