Suntory, the pioneer of Japanese whisky, will again invite the public into The House of Suntory for their Exclusive Takeovers this winter. This years pop up will also celebrate the introduction of The House of Suntory’s newest member, Hibiki Japanese Harmony.

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Be ready to experience an evening of utmost omotenashi; the Japanese spirit of hospitality. A specially designed three and six course paired menu created exclusively for the pop up will explore the marriage between Japanese whisky and cuisine, including bespoke Suntory Whisky cocktails and izakaya style bar food. The House of Suntory will in 2015 will  run on each Wednesday of July and August. In July, Suntory will be at Melbourne’s Japanese bar and dining room, Hihou. They will land in Sydney at the new Japanese small bar, Tokyo Bird, in August.

“We are excited to welcome a new whisky masterpiece to this year’s events, Hibiki Japanese Harmony. It’s a harmonious blend reflecting the craftsmanship and delicate nature of the Japanese. With its honey like sweetness, it is perfectly paired with complex flavours and desserts. The full Suntory Whisky portfolio will also be available The House of Suntory, including the gently smoky Hakushu and our flagship single malt, Yamazaki. Consumers who attended last year will also welcome the return of the highball – whisky mixed with soda, ice and a mint or lemon garnish – which has been incredibly popular.” Narell McDonald.

The House of Suntory Exclusive Takeover will meet the increasing desire for luxury experiences and experiential drink offerings amplified by the popularity of Suntory whisky. 2014 marked the first time a Japanese whisky was awarded Whisky Bible’s whisky of the year.  Suntory Whisky’s Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013.

Prices are $60 per person for a 3 course tasting menu, while a 6 course dinner will cost $120 per person. Suntory Whisky drinks with matching bar snacks will also be available daily

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22 Responses

  1. madeleine

    Suntory Whisky reminds me of my first trip to Tokyo this Feb (their Winter), exploring laneways to discover new bars one by one, warming up with a yamazaki whisky in each one.

  2. Lachie

    I want to try this new Hibiki Japanese Harmony to mix it up with my usual go-to Yamazaki.

  3. Darryn (Newlyfeds)

    I’m most excited to try the Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky – because it is new and I’d like to try it paired with matching bar snacks. I’m also a fan of smoky whiskies, so the Hakushu is on my list as well.

  4. Cam Green

    I cannot wait to experience the new Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky. Matched with food, I am sure it bring my tastebuds alive! Arigato gozaimasu

  5. MX

    The Hibiki! The complexity of the taste and probably the only whisky to be aged in umeshu casks!

  6. Josh Liebmann

    I cannot wait to try the Suntory Chita Grain. I fell in love with the Kakubin last time I was there so cannot wait to go back.


  7. Renee

    I don’t really like whiskey but my husband does and I like Tokyo bird so I am looking forward to trying all of them and developing a whiskey obsession!

  8. Amanda@ChewTown

    Liquid amber gold – I tasted Japanese whiskey for the first time recently, so given that I don’t have a drip feed with a constant supply to help me get through my day, I would love to attend to get another “hit”. Also, Scotty is a massive fan so I would win giant Girlfriend points… how can you deny me that?! x

  9. Nick

    After visiting Japan for the first time last year my lady and I have become pretty obsessed with all things Japanese – especially the cuisine and the whisky! Big fan of Yamazaki and especially Hakushu so very excited to try out the Hibiki… We are on a mission to try out all the Japanese restaurants and bars in Sydney and have yet to visit Tokyo Bird so winning this competition would be a perfect experience for us!

  10. Maria

    It would be an honour to be invited to the House of Suntory pop-up at Tokyo Bird. I am so excited about trying the new Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky. The flavours of this whisky sound so delicate yet refined; they would pair perfectly with some delicious izakaya style dishes! I can imagine adding the Hibiki to my Suntory collection, and inviting guests over for dinner to enjoy it :)

  11. Andrew

    Would love to try the Hibiki Japanese Harmony, as Hibiki 17 year is already one of the tastiest whiskies Suntory makes!

  12. Ash

    I am dying to try some House of Suntory Whiskey, I know driving home that night will be really Risky, will get a friend along on my double pass who will fly me back on my very own Tokyo Bird a Toyota.

  13. Shez

    The last suntory beverage I consumed was a midori splice. Looking to make amends. Stat.

  14. Shez

    Dammit. Just read the question. Clearly I need hibiki in my life. I hear it’s good for you. And your memory. And your ability to read stuff. And do maths.

  15. Ashwini

    A Haiku in honour of House of Suntory:
    I sit below the cherry tree
    Sipping on a glass of Hibiki
    And the Tokyo Bird chirps.

  16. Jessica

    I’ve never tried Japanese whiskey before so it makes sense to start with the best!

  17. Anna

    Yamazaki, it’s sold out everywhere. This will be the one place left in Sydney to savour it properly.

  18. Travis

    Ah, Yamazaki 12 is an absolute, but I hear the Hibiki 17 is a flavour journey – what could Hibiki 21 or 30 possibly taste like? Looking forward to new taste adventures as House of Suntory!

  19. Hannah

    What the great Bill Murray said… “For relaxing times, make it Santory times”. nothing takes me back to Japan better than Japanese food and drinks, especially their whisky! Kompai!!!

  20. Melisa

    “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.” Whilst we have been relaxing over the winter with our Hibiki 17 & 21 year, and Hakushu Distillers Reserve bottles, we look forward in trying the new Hibiki Japanese Harmony. Tokyo Bird is on our bucket list of places to check out in the area, and I am already dreaming of eating their yakitori’s paired with soothing Suntory whiskies. Its also my birthday at the end of August, so this would be a nice gift to win from the Jugernauts ;) Kanpai!