Staves Brewery Glebe

Staves Brewery Glebe is a funny one, housed in a 2 storey building and tucked off round the main street where Broadway shopping centre sits. In our mind, its more broadway than Glebe. Very much like how Wayward Brewing sits somewhere between Annandale and Camperdown. We have a feeling that not many people know about the venue and yet, when we popped in for a visit, it was full. These crafty craft beer aficionados have their feelers out for the latest and greatest in Sydney.

Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (12)
That’s Staves Brewey there from the street.

Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (22)
Today there’s live music, comedians and Saturdays there’s a craft beer fight club here.

Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (21)
Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (16)
Inside, Staves is a brewery/pub like venue – there’s a fair few beers on tap but their own beers aren’t quite ready to be sold yet due to approval processes. This is very much a microbrewery and what you see there is what they have.

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Upstairs, a somewhat odd crafty cuts indie sort of band is playing today but the space is large enough to hold a large enough group for events and small gigs.

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Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (18)
Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (17)
On tap today at Staves: Young Henry’s, Bandlands, Shenanigans, Feral Brewing, Pirate life, Nomad, Rocks Brewing Merchant and more. Jugs $20. Staves/Paddle $20. That Feral BrewWatermelon Weisse

Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (15)Staves Brewery Glebe Jugernauts (14)
We also chance onto Staves “record making Day” – today, they have the most number of people in the world drinking out of pewter tankards. Free samplers of Staves beers and a roaming magician.

Staves Brewery Glebe

Staves Brewery Glebe

Incidentally – “Stave (wood), one of the individual strips of wood that form the sides of a barrel” and that’s what their tasting paddle $20 is. A neat touch.

With plenty of beers on offer, a nice outdoor beer garden and plenty of brews on tap. Staves Brewery Glebe might be hidden but the good times here beckon.

Staves Brewery Glebe

4–8 Grose Street, Glebe
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