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We were a sent a Sodastream to test drive and give our impressions. But before we get into our thoughts, what is a Sodastream?

Well, it’s a home carbonation unit that allows users to rather rapidly transform ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water – in seconds actually. We’ve stated it below; but it’s seriously quick!

The Sodastream unit is an environmentally conscious system and each comes with a reusable carbonating bottle (safe, reusable, uniquely designed) which can save you up to 2,190 bottles and cans over the three-year lifespan of the bottle.

The set also comes with a refillable gas cylinder (approx. 60L litres of bubbles).

This means you can easily exchange your empties for a full one at a variety of retailers in Australia and receive a discounted exchange price when you do so.SodaStream Nuffnang Giveaway Jugernauts (3)
Unboxing the soda stream, we get the requisite cables to power it, a gas canister, soda stream unit and also their carbonating bottle. The kit doesn’t have a lot of parts and is an fairly attractively minimalistic unit. It was also really quite easy to put together and we were able to cobble it together in about 2-3 minutes.

SodaStream Nuffnang Giveaway Jugernauts (4)

SodaStream Nuffnang Giveaway Jugernauts (5)

Steps on using a Sodastream once the gas tank is in.

  1. Fill up carbonating bottle to the waterline
  2. pop it into the grip, push down to grip
  3. press a button (3 levels of carbonation available)

We were planning to do a video for this. And the sodastream people seriously weren’t kidding when they said that it takes seconds. Bzzzt; 3 bursts from the machine and its all done.

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Freshly made carbonated sparkling water out of the sodastream. Tasted it and it passed the taste test. Very delicious and fizzy. Funny how the flavour changes. It’s also 8am in the morning so no whisky and soda for us…

So what do we think of Sodastream? Its super easy to put together and once the one time gas bottle insertion is done, the whole thing was really quite easy to use – 3 super quick steps for a bottle full of sparkling water. If you enjoy sparkling water or if someone you know does, this will make a pretty great xmas gift.

See demonstration of how to use product here:



Giveway details: email hello @ jugernauts.com and tell us what you’d do with sodastream and what flavours you love. Most creative response as judged by the team here will get a sodastream unit sent your way.

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