SoCal Neutral Bay launches with a great evening of drinks and canapes and showcases the intimate and fun vibe that goes with its “southern california” beach bar theme. Hamish and Ben (them of The Botanist Kirribilli and Bondi Hardware) created this beach/surf themed bar with a nice leafy outdoor complete with plastic flamingos, colourful shack lights and a pacifico mural. We dug the botanist and its no surprise then that we dig SoCal.


Ben and Hamish from Applejack at the launch of their latest venture.


SOCAL REPUBLIC. Bit of a grungey mural, loads vibey


A look at their bar. The fitout here is designed by Luchetti Krelle (Seiobo, Ananas, HinkyDinks, Sake)


Their bar book. The inside tables have a tiled top and is quite sturdy which if you scroll down…..


The outside courtyard is open air, gets ample daylight and a suitably beachy shack feel when the sun is up. Very bright and airy.


Loads of greens and patrons today


Nothing mo californian than plastic flamingos


On the street side, you have seating and a long bench with views to young street.


Another look at the bar. Its generous sized and filled with bar guys wearing breezy Hawaiian shirts.


Making Tommy’s magaritas.


A big part of the menu is south american beach inspired with ceviches (RAW), hotdogs, quesadillas, and churros. Beers, margaritas, cocktails, american beers and tequilas reign at the bar. Here we have their Hawaiian Poke on tortilla chips. Very nice.


Churros! We can never get enough of these. Not here, not anywhere


Socal’s tommy Magaritas are great and come with a little American flag.


A look at the various eats from launch night via instagram. Its PBR beers, their hotdogs in mini form with pulled pork on top. and more of those ladies grooving on the table.


Its not a launch without dancing on the tabletop. Good thing that their inside tables are rigidly fixed to the floor.


A bevy of ladies at the Socal Launch.


Sarah de Bono from The voice at the launch.

Socal brings a bit of south california hospitality to the North Shore and has a nice party atmosphere once the sun sets. The venue is able to pump out the tunes and the evening’s atmosphere was wildly euphoric – especially when 2Pac’s “California Love” played. Good fun with friendly staff. Socal is shiny and new and in great hands. You’ll dig it. The venue has a 2am licenceĀ  for when you want to stay out and out late. 1 Young Street. Up the stairs you go.


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