SmoothFM Chocolate Festival 2015 (1)
SmoothFM’s 2015 Chocolate Festival is almost upon us – hitting the rocks this 12th and 13th at the Rocks Sydney. This Year’s Smooth Chocolate Festival is a collaboration with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore and brings decadent desserts and big name marquee celebrity chefs to the show. Adriano Zumbo and Shangrila’s Anna Polyvious are headliners.

This year, Arnott’s Tim Tam will join the show with a Temptation Tent showcasing Arnott Tim Tams and a two carat chocolat diamond Ring. Also here, Chocolatier’s Quarter, Callebaut Test Kitchen with cooking showcases from some of Sydney’s top pastry chefs.  From Anna Polyviou, Adriano Zumbo, Julien Pouteau, Tamas Pamer, Masterchef runner up Julia Taylor to Blackstar’s Christopher The.

SmoothFM Chocolate Festival 2015 (4)
SmoothFM Chocolate Festival 2015 (3)



10am | Martyna Angell: Author of The Wholesome Cookbook

11am | Tamas Palmer: InterContinental Sydney

12pm | Anna Polyviou: Shangri-la Hotel, Sydeny

1pm   |Adriano Zumbo: On behalf of Arnotts Tim Tam

2pm   | Adriano Zumbo 

3pm   | Jodie Van Der Velden: Josophan’s Fine Chocolates

4pm   | Adrian Pagano and Chris Buchan: On behalf of Jean Michel Reynaud, The French Baker

5pm  | Riccardo Girardi Falcone: Ananas Bar and Brasserie, Sydney



10am  | Carlos Heng: MakMak Macaraons, Sydney

11am  | Angelo and Joseph Roche: Australian Patisserie Academy, Sydney

12pm  | Anna Polyviou: Shangri-la Hotel, Sydney

1pm    | Christopher Thé: Black Star Pastry, Sydney

2pm    | Callebaut Young Inspirer Winner

3pm    | Julien Pouteau: InterContinental Double Bay

4pm    | Julia Taylor: La Renaissance, Sydney

To find out more about SmoothFM’s Festival of Chocolate. Check it out

*Btw, buy the Poetry Chocolate Toffee Crunch. It’s pretty bloody amazing.