First time I’ve been back to Sky Phoenix in the CBD, since the old place shut for reno. Used to go all the time when it was at the middle mall above borders/next to Bing Lee.



Posh waiting area.

Black + Red. Cavernous Space.
$65/2 persons and we’re both gut busting.

This was a good feed, speedy service with some amusing interactions with the cart ladies.

Tea was served the minute we sat down. All the dishes were very good – standouts include the yam thing that looks a bit like a birds nest; the boneless duck; and prawn siewmais.There was only so much prawn/pork you can eat so we also had the ricepaper roll steamed with vegetable medley. Good.


Desserts, glutinous rice ball with custard. Piping Hot. Good. Bean curd with cooling syrup. Also good.

Great place to have yum cha in the city. The only observation I’d make would be I wish there was more variety. A bit too heavy on the fried foods which we avoided where possible.



prawn siew mais


dessert sesame seeded balls


roast pork


Bean curd with sugar syrup



steamed rice noodle with vegetable medley inside.


SkyPhoenix is top notch yumcha, with super attentive waitstaff and the women who push the food carts make the process of ordering painless. I love this place.
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