Dropped into SILU one time for a mate’s birthday drink after we’d gone to Baxter’s prior. Located at 338 Kent street… look for the man imprinted on the glass window (see above) and you’ve found it.

There are 2 parts to SILU, the indoor, high ceiling, rather fancy indoor area and a courtyard space with a few old chairs in a concrete paved space. There is a big storage thing to the side with the name/brand painted on it. That’s about it really.

We looked over the menu and picked their emerald city drink. It was green, sugar lined rim, and it had midori. Should have read the ingredients list instead of thinking the WOOz reference was cuutte. :) Still.. yeah, it was neat to be able to have a tipple here.


Outdoor space! To be fair, it was somewhat feral, like having drinks in someone’s carporch but hey, its not a pub at least.
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